in | 28 Dec 2018



Every year it’s the same. The holiday season sees us indulging more than we should, and when January 1st rolls around, we’re left in a blind panic. How do we repent for our sins? How can we be a better version of ourselves?!


And at the start of every New Year, we all turn to the same thing to remedy our wrongs: New Year’s resolutions. Year after year, we make them, and inevitably, year after year, we break them. And just a few months after we made them to begin with.


Did you ever wonder why it was so damn difficult to stick to them? Well, for starters, most New Year’s resolutions tend to be punitive. “I’ll cut out all sugar forever!” we declare. “I will never watch reality TV again,” we proclaim. “I will workout for 2 hours a day every day this year,” we jot down in our notebooks. But the problem here is that most of these resolutions are both incredibly drastic and also incredibly harsh.


Rather than seeking to grow as people or make ourselves happier, we often aim to punish ourselves. But here at TCPJ, we’re pushing that mindset aside, instead favoring love, growth and self-care. After all, what good is having the perfect body if you aren’t happy and can’t enjoy yourself? No good at all.


So this year, we’re doing things differently. This year, we’re taking on some wonderful New Year’s resolutions, ones you probably haven’t thought of before. Stuck for what to resolve? We’ve got some great ideas for you here. So read on, and get inspired!


1. Volunteer more. Last month we detailed a wonderful list of worthy charities right here in Amsterdam, so it’s easier than ever to get involved. Even if you volunteer once or twice next year, you’ll feel all the better for it. Changing the lives of others will change yours too.

2. Love your body. This one sounds a bit esoteric, but there’s honestly nothing that will make you happier and healthier than learning to love your body just as it is. Don’t punish it with crash diets or crazy exercise regimes. Instead, feed it beautiful, nutritious fresh produce, and it will love you back. Start the year off with a rejuvenating juice cleanse to get in touch with what your body needs so that you can better attend to it for the rest of 2019.

3. Try something new every month. Whether it’s a new movie, a new gym or a new spice, it doesn’t matter! Just as long as you’re expanding your horizons and finding fantastic new things to love.

4. Put your phone away for 30 minutes a day. Now you don’t have to go for a full-on digital detox, but spending a bit less time glued to a screen and a bit more time connecting with loved ones or nature will be far more valuable in the long run.

5. Make more time for “me time.” This can really be anything. Weekly baths. 10 extra minutes in the morning to enjoy your favorite genmaicha tea. Just make sure it’s something you adore and focus on You deserve it!

6. Give more compliments. Because smiling truly is contagious. And in all likelihood, the receiver will pay it forward, making someone else feel good. Kindness is cool!

7. Live local. Don’t worry we aren’t banning fulfilling, adventurous travel or anything. But there’s something to be said for supporting the terrific local businesses that make your community so special. Invest in the place around you, and it will give back to you in return.