in | 15 Nov 2018



We’re all pretty damn lucky. We have thriving bodies that we fuel with beautiful, wholesome food. We have wonderful support systems made up of friends or family. And, we get to live in a charming, welcoming city bustling with life. When the days grow shorter and that icy rain feels near constant, we can start to take our incredible city for granted.


But what’s even better than merely appreciating our beloved Amsterdam? Why, giving back to the community, our community, of course. This city and our amazing community has given so much to us, so it’s about time we return the favour. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of terrific causes where you can volunteer or donate in order to help make our community even stronger and even better.


Books4Life is an organisation that collects used books and sells them at a fair price, with 90% of the proceeds donated to charity. You can volunteer to collect books, transport them to the store and sort them, help with internet sales or simply donate your old unused books.


Breadcycle is another wonderful organisation that not only aims to reduce food waste but also to support vulnerable people across Amsterdam to ensure they have enough to eat. Join Breadcycle to help deliver leftover food from local bakeries to organisations that serve the homeless and refugees.


Natuur & Milieuteam Zuid is an independent organisation headquartered in Amsterdam Zuid that aims to support and advise their neighbours about how to make their area greener and more sustainable. You can volunteer for anything from community garden groups to helping educate about food waste prevention to helping the elderly with their gardens to keep our city as green as can be.


Burennetwerk Amsterdam is an organisation that’s striving to help build a real sense of community in Amsterdam’s different neighbourhoods. When you sign up, you can volunteer to visit homebound neighbours for a cup of tea and some conversation, help transport elderly neighbours to appointments and endless other useful things!


Takecarebnb is an incredible organisation that aims to find creative solutions for the integration of refugees into Dutch society. They help arrange for refugees holding a residence permit to live temporarily with Dutch host families while they wait for their own homes. As a volunteer, you can help with matching and placement, administrative and technical support or communication. If you are able, you can also volunteer as a host.


Voedselbank is another organisation that hopes to help tackle both food waste and hunger across the city. When you volunteer at this food bank, you will help with the gathering of healthy food and creating of care packages filled with wholesome, delicious food each week. Drop in any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening from 18:00 to 20:00 to lend a hand.


Amsterdam Cares is a vibrant and flexible organisation that works as a volunteering calendar. When you work with Amsterdam Cares, you can volunteer where you want, when you want with ease.