in | 22 Mar 2018

A Threefold of Spring Detoxes To Have a Fresh Start

We live in a time of excess. Life seems an ongoing stream of input, information and impulses that we constantly need to digest. Our senses are stimulated from dusk till dawn, whether that's physical or mentally, and it's a lot to take in. It gets overwhelming, and like every functional system, we need a reset every once in a while. Spring is the perfect time for it, these mini detoxes are cheaper than vacation and may even have longer lasting benefits than a ride to the beach. Be ready to get more focussed, peaceful, and light, three fold.



As Anne Lamott says in her TED talk: “almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a while, including you.” Unwiring for a while is not selfish, it's a survival-tool. Our brain needs a break from all the interaction. It is just not natural to be connected all. the. time. We must find silence every once in a while. 


Break it down. Ideally you would just turn of your phone and laptop and live life, but we all know that is easier said than done. It is much more constructive (and realistic) to break this one up into chewable pieces that you can turn into a habit. For example;

- Try integrating a social-media-free-sunday or other day where you can spend some more time focussing on you and your selfcare.
- Turn your phone off at a certain point on your day, ideally one or even two hours before bed.
- Even a small act like putting it on airplane mode when traveling, working, or doing something that requires your undivided attention can lower the level your stress levels.


Spring is the time to get your cinderella on. What you eat, you become, we say so often, but come to think of it, where you live, you become, seems to be legit too. It is almost impossible for your homely surroundings not to impact or reflect the way you live. Ever heard from Marie Kondo? She is the best selling author of 'The life changing method of tidying up'. Her method: anything that does not make you happy, or isn't absolutely necessary, should be touched, thanked, and sent on its way. It is more than just a movement of essentialism in our homes, it is a way of life that is meant to declutter and help find more inner and outer peace.


The idea is, when tidying up, to repeatedly ask yourself if an object brings you joy. If it does not, gracefully get rid of it. End of story. How liberating!
- Tackle categories, not rooms, this way you have a much clearer overview of how many books you actually have and need
- Respect your belongings. Okay so bear with me, but what if your clothes had feelings? Would they be happy clustered up in the dark corners of your living space? Placing every single item you’re going through in a way it would, if it could, live and breathe happily ever after, is a surprisingly effective trick on your way to tidiness.
- Don’t let nostalgia carry you away. We all know that once you open up that old box of photos time will become an elusive concept. You’re stronger than that. You’re here on a mission. Don’t let them stop you!

- Need some extra help to Spring clean your home? Contact the Dutch "Marie Kondo", Saskia Aardewijn, Founder of Neat Freak.




You have probably been here before. Time to refocus on that summer-bod because, even though we may not feel it yet, summer is getting closer and closer. And every year we wished we had started earlier, because all of a sudden swimsuits need to be worn next week and you are not ready. We give you a few examples.


- Juice cleanse: this is for the once who like to go hard or go home. Nothing will kickstart you into your detox like a juice cleanse, because you are not just restricting, you are flushing your system with vitamins and minerals on a level you otherwise might not even reach. Find more info here. 

- Raw (till 4): this one is great to prepare of wrap up a juice cleanse, but also works wonders by itself. You will notice how fresh and light you feel. 

- Vegan challenge: Beyonce does it. Vegan food is often, but does not have to be, better for you, but from an environmental point of view this one is definitely one to try. And small chance you won't notice any physical benefits.

- Simply clean: if you're not so big on dramatic shifts, just try and avoid the bad guys like alcohol, caffein, nicotine, sugar and processed foods for a few days, and watch how it impacts your life. We don't always need a large change to reap benefits - sometimes even the opposite.