Juice Cleanse

Flush your body, get rid of cravings, improve energy, lose weight and heal your body and mind with our range of 6 half liter super-nutritious, 100% certified organic cold pressed juices. 

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 What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a fast during which you only drink raw, pure, organic, 
unprocessed, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices with absolutely no food. When you fast, you give your body a rest from digesting complex and processed foods. Every time you consume fat, protein, dairy, alcohol or refined sugar your body becomes toxic, inflated and the food rots in your digestive system (Yes, it sounds disgusting, right? We know). The body is a beautiful and super smart mechanism that is capable of cleansing on its own but not when you are continuously putting processed foods and refined sugar into your body. You can only get rid of these toxins if you give your body a break from digesting them. When you do a juice cleanse, you eliminate every possible food mistake out of your body and while 
flushing your body with raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes. By drinking cold pressed juices, these minerals, vitamins and enzymes are very quickly absorbed into your blood stream. After a 3 day cleanse, your liver, heart, and entire body will already start eliminating sick or dead cell because it will not have to do its normal work of processing fat anymore. When you juice cleanse, you put the best nutrition into your body, you get rid of sick cells, you lose weight, get rid of inflammation, sickness and  gain so much energy.

Why do a Juice Cleanse?

Very simple - to get rid of all the toxins in your body. Unfortunately, we live in very polluted world where the air around us and the food and water we put into our bodies are full of toxins. Our bodies are unable to cleanse at a rate fast enough to match the rapid toxification taking place in our bodies. Our juices flush all of these toxins out of your body while putting all the enzymes and vitamins back in. Another bonus is that at the same time your body will get a rest from digestion. We spend a lot of energy on digesting complex foods, which wear out the body enormously. The healthiest thing we can do is cut out processed foods as much as we can and replace them with fruit and vegetable juice and raw foods. This change gives us more energy, helps us avoid sickness, live longer, sleep better, and speeds up our metabolisms. Quality of life will also be greatly improved and you will look and feel much more alive than ever before. A juice cleanse is a great way to reset the body.

- To eliminate toxins and sick or morbid cells from your body
- To get rid of inflammation, which is the start and cause of all diseases
- Reset your body
- Help get rid of bad eating habits, smoking, and alcohol addictions
- Clears your mind
- Rests your body’s digestive system
- Provides you with so much energy as your body is not digesting foods
- Gives you clear skin, hair, and eyes
- Lose weight

Cleanse packages
1 day cleanse- 
A one day cleanse is ideally for those who have done a longer cleanse before and whose bodies and palates have been reset already. It is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to give your body rest from digestion once a week, every week.

3 day cleanse- 
This will reset your system, cleanse your palate, liver, heart and entire body. After 3 days, your body will start self digestion and will start doing this by getting rid of diseased cells and tissues first. In addition to resetting your body, it's a fast way to lose weight.

5 day cleanse- 
The longer you cleanse, the deeper the cleanse will be, the more weight you will lose, the more cells get rejuvenated.

Soft / Medium / Hard-
 Whether you choose to do a 1 day cleanse or do a 5 or 10 day cleanse, all of them can be ordered as a soft, medium or a hard cleanse.

Soft- Is for juice virgins. Those that usually take in a lot of calories, are not used to green juices, and have no experience in juicing. This includes more raw fruit 
juices and some vegetables juices and a nut milk to provide a fuller feeling.

Medium- Is for those that are already living a healthy lifestyle but are not ready to go full green just yet. This is perfect cleanse filled with fruit, root, and veggie juices.

Hard- Is for those have been there, done that and want it hard. These will mainly 
include green juices that are very detoxifying and alkalising to get you back into shape very fast or to keep you in shape. 

To enhance and optimise your juice cleanse, we recommend that you add shots and detox tea.

Shot Package
E3LIVE: Blue-Green algaes contain 65 different minerals, boosts energy, and gets rid of cravings
Wheatgrass: Cleanses blood, stimulates metabolism, and cleanses the liver

Aloe Vera: Detoxifying, increases digestion,and lowers cholesterol
Ginger: Anti- inflammatory, improves absorption, and boosts immune system
Kurkuma: Improves digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties

What to do before, during and after your juice cleanse
Pre cleanse - To make the most of your juice cleanse, start to eliminate meat, dairy, starchy foods, caffeine, refined sugar, and alcohol 2 - 3 days before your cleanse. This way your body won’t go into shock in the change of diet and will ease into the detoxification process. Fill up on leafy greens, fruit, nuts and seeds and eat raw as much as possible.

During your Cleanse - Start with your shots, warm water and lemon each day. Add cayenne, kurkuma or raw honey for an extra boost. Drink a juice every two hours or when you feel hungry. Keep drinking water and natural herb cleansing tea in between your raw juices. For a deeper detox, give your body rest and only do light exercise such a yoga or meditation. If you wish to loose more weight then you should exercise more heavily.

Post cleanse - What you put into your body after your cleanse is very important. Ideally you want to keep the detoxification process going on as long as possible, therefore try to eat raw fruit and vegetables for a long as possible. The first day after your fast, start with a juice, smoothie or just by eating a piece of fruit. Then during the day add raw leafy greens, vegetables, salad and more fruit. Eat raw, vegan or vegetarian and avoid alcohol, coffee, or any other processed food ideally forever or as long as you can.

How often can you cleanse?

As many times as you like. It is always good for your body to eliminate as many toxins as possible and fill and flush it with raw and high amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Here are some top tips to make the most of your cleanse
- Keep hydrated, drink lots of water and herbal tea, especially your detox tea
- To allow for optimum detoxification, do gentle exercise, go for a walk or do yoga to stretch the organs, muscles and tissues to release more toxins
- Use this time to treat yourself and use the time you normally would for meals or social activities to get a massage or go to a sauna
- Every time you feel hungry, grin and bear it. Drink lots of water or more juice and your body will start feeling full again. Keep on reminding yourself why you are doing the cleanse; for a clearer mind, more energy, no more sickness and a hotter body of course.

1 Day Cleanse
6 100% certified organic cold pressed juices €45,00
Power Shot Package (5 shots)  €15
Detox Tea €2,75

3 Day Cleanse
18 100% certified organic cold pressed juices €125
Power Shot Package (15 shots)  €45
3 Detox Teas €8,25

5 Day Cleanse
30 100% certified organic cold pressed juices €200
Power Shot Package (25 shots) €75
5 Detox Teas €13,75

Cleanse Delivery

Don’t live in Amsterdam? No problem. You can order your juice cleanse and have it delivered to anywhere in the Netherlands. We will put together your personal order and send the package between Tuesdays and Fridays. It should arrive the next day, and you can start your cleanse the day after you receive your order! Please note that we ship all of our juices frozen so that they defrost by the time they reach you, therefore they will not look as presentable as in the stores, but they will taste just as delicious! Shipping the products in frozen form also ensures that all the nutrients and minerals are kept in the juices. It is very important to put the juices into the fridge immediately after receiving them. For the 1 and 3 day cleanse, an additional 10 euros will be charged for delivery. As we ship the 5 day cleanse in two boxes, an additional 20 euros will be charged. 

Order Information

When ordering your juice cleanse, please let us know for how many days you would like to do the cleanse, the intensity of the cleanse, if you would like any of the shot or tea packages, and if you would like to pick up your juice cleanse at one of our locations or have it sent to you. If you would like to have it delivered, please let us know the address. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the exact price of your order, which you will then be able to transfer to the following account:

Name: Impress Juice BV

NL29 ABNA 0556 0339 14

We also ask for you to please send us the payment confirmation as a print screen, so that we can confirm your order, and so that we can send your cleanse package as soon as possible.

Happy cleansing!