in | 16 Jan 2020

Reflection for a New Decade


There is no better time than the start of a brand new year, the start of a brand new decade to turn inwards and invest in a little self-reflection. The chaos of the holidays is behind us, and we’ve probably all made some resolutions and asked each other what we have planned for the coming year. But now, it’s time we self-evaluate and self-reflect. It’s time we focus on ourselves and ask some important questions to ensure this is the best year, the best decade of our lives.


When we make sure to ask ourselves essential questions, even if they are a bit tough or can make us uncomfortable, it helps us to craft a clear vision of what we want for the future. It can aid us in finding out what our hearts truly desire and also to be comfortable with the fact that, while we may not be exactly where we want to be now, we will be one day.


Rather than letting your thoughts wander or getting caught in an unproductive spiral of negative self-talk, we wanted help you out a bit. We want to give you a few concrete and constructive questions to help guide you through this process of introspection. Because now is the perfect moment to ask yourself those tough questions. It will bring you nothing but light, clarity and positivity for the coming year.


1. Am I at peace and clear emotionally? Knowing and loving yourself is essential for achieving any goals you may have. It’s important to also understand that you need to take care of yourself and ensure you’re in a good state of mind before you can help anyone else. It’s like the emotional equivalent of putting your own mask on first on the airplane. Delving deep into your soul and finding out whether you really are in a good place – many of us tend to bury unhappy or unpleasant feelings deep below the surface – and then deciding how you can change your emotional well-being for the better if need be.


2. What do I want to leave behind? As important as setting new goals for things we want to achieve and take on is, it’s just as important to take store of what does not energise us in our lives, what does not bring positivity. Asking yourself what you want to let go of will help you to identify what isn’t serving you in your life, whether it be anger or resentment or any other draining emotions. Think of it as Marie Kondo-ing your spirit and your soul.


3. What would make me feel more understood? There’s nothing worse than feeling like we’re on the outside looking in, but it’s incredibly common to feel as if we are misunderstood by others. Looking at what we feel others don’t get about us will help us identify spaces where we aren’t living up to our full potential and find places for growth. It can also lead to better communication with others, as we want to show our truest, best selves.


4. What do I love about myself? It can be so easy to focus on change and evolution, but it’s essential for our wellness, both physical and mental, that we also take the time to acknowledge what brings us joy from within. When you come up with the answers (and trust us, there will be many!), write them down so you can reference them any time you’re feeling low.