in | 16 Jan 2020

Forget sexual healing. Let’s talk about chakral healing.

Sure, we all love a bit of Marvin Gaye every now and then, but we think that with a new decade upon us, it’s about time we turn our attention to a bit of healing of the chakras, rather than sexual healing. Plus, the song works just as well with ‘chakral healing’, don’t you think?


Even though the beginning of a new year sees most of us energised and full of conviction that we will make positive changes in our lives, this time of year can also breed some stagnation. We don’t know about you, but in the depths of these dark months, we started to feel like we’d lost our creative mojo and were struggling to express ourselves and our inner desires. It may feel like you’ll never find your way out of this slump, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. All you need is a little refresh of your chakras.


If you’re scratching your head thinking ‘what the hell is a chakra?’ you’re probably not alone. We’ve all heard the term floating around, but few of us have done a deep dive into exactly what our chakras are. So let us break it down for you.


Each of us has seven different major energy centres in our bodies. These energy centres run along our spine from its base and up to the very top of our heads. Energy flows in and out of these centres in a steady, constant stream. And, you guessed it, these energy centres are our chakras. Sanskrit for ‘wheel’, our chakras are what connect the bodies we exist in to the universal life force that exists between the environments and our spirits. So no wonder they’re so important for keeping us grounded, happy and on track in our lives.


Now back to the topic at hand: getting that sense of emotional well-being and creativity back. If you are experiencing that feeling of being stuck in the mud, we can bet that you’re having issues with your second chakra, the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra, which is located about five centimetres below your belly button, is represented by the colour orange. The sacral chakra rules over creativity, sexuality, sensitivity, emotions, intimacy, self-expression and, of course, your sense emotional well-being. The sacral chakra also affects the circulatory and lymphatic systems, bladder and kidney, large intestines and reproductive organs on a physical level.


So when you’re feeling like this is all blocked up, it’s important to clear and cleanse the energy centre so that you can bring everything back into balance. Doing this will also heal any physical symptoms of a blockage – reproductive issues, sexual dysfunction, stiffness in the hips or lower back, constipation or even sciatica – so there really is no reason not to heal your sacral chakra.


Ready to get your chakral healing on? Let’s do it!


First and foremost, you need to acknowledge the fact that your sacral chakra is in need of a little bit of TLC. Reiki or other methods of energy healing are great to get things going. As the second chakra is intimately tied to the element of water, connecting with some good old H20 is another step toward healing. Keep hydrated and take a restorative bath with essential oils. Additionally, it’s important to eat foods that will centre you like nuts and seeds, root vegetables and gourds, fermented foods, melons and mangos. Pretty much anything that’s orange (except for Cheetos, really) are great for centring the chakra, so you can’t go wrong with The Bedrock or our Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chili Soup.


Once you’ve taken these initial steps, it’s time to get serious. Tapping into creative expression will help unleash any blockage you have in your sacral chakra so it’s helpful to challenge yourself to try something new like cooking something you haven’t before or popping in for a new workout. Continue getting the juices flowing with some hip-opening movements, whether with some yoga or just a bit of dancing. Goddess pose in particular is great for helping things flow. And, last but not least, we recommend getting some healing crystals involved. Gather some coral, amber, citrine or hematite and place them on your sacral chakra while you meditate and soak up their good vibes to heal.