in | 26 Dec 2019

Our Cold-Pressed Resolutions for 2020

WOAH! Not only are we about to leave another year behind – goodbye 2019 – but we are only a few days away from leaving another decade in the past. How crazy is that?! We are so thrilled to have been with you all through most of this decade, working together to make our city and our world a healthier, happier place.


We are spending these last few days celebrating and looking back, but we’re also in the mood to look forward, to think about constructive, positive changes we can make in the new year and the new decade. That’s right. We’re thinking about our resolutions.


Here’s what all of us here at TCPJ are planning for the year ahead.


Nathalie, founder: Next year, I am going to meditate and juice cleanse more (daily hopefully). I’m also resolving to make decisions faster.


Nanda, photographer: In 2020, I am resolving to say no without feeling guilty. I also plan to get rid of toxic habits, people and things.


Andrea, intern: Next year, my resolutions are to spend more time in nature and to start a meditation practice. I’m also resolving to take a nice trip to a new destination.


Hayley, copywriter: I don’t often make (or stick to) resolutions, but I think with 2020 being the start of a new decade, I am really ready to make some changes. Next year, I will endeavour to be the person who adds something nice to the conversation when a group is gossiping. Like Nanda, I also want to say no without being overwhelmed by guilt.


Benthe, intern: I think my New Year’s resolution will be to eat more healthfully. Also, I’d like to do more photography and experiment with it more.


Tess, assistant operations manager: In the new year, I would like to be more present in the moment. Less caught up in social media and our online lives. Less concerned with what I ‘want’ and more with what I have. Look out the window. Walk through town or in nature. Have a conversation with friends and leave our phones behind. I’d also like to pick up my workout schedule but listen to what my body wants. Don’t put it on a crazy regimented workout schedule just because that’s what I think needs to be done to get in shape. Be kind to my body and thankful for everything it does for me. Push my limits but also know when to listen and take rest in order to recover and come out stronger.


So tell us! What are your New Year’s resolutions? We’re dying to know. And we can’t wait to start a brand new year, a brand new decade with all of you!