in | 10 Mar 2019




We get it. We all crave comfort foods. Whether they’re things you grew up eating as a child, snacks to nibble on while you binge watch your favourite show or that sweet and creamy dessert you reach for when you need to eat your feelings, some of your go-tos may feel a million miles away if you favour plant-based eating. You may crave those things, but you feel like you can never truly satisfy those cravings.


Until now, that is.


Thanks to the booming popularity of veganism in recent years (finally, it’s as sexy as we always thought it was!), there are zillions of products and recipes that recreate your absolute favourite old-school classics in a way that is better for both your body and the environment. So when those cravings strike, consult our menu. We promise you’ll be satisfied.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Some even say the most important. When you want to start the day with something sweet and indulgent, we love to have a thick stack of vegan French toast. Naturally, we like to sub in some gluten-free bread to ensure we have the happiest bellies. More in the mood for your childhood favourite Coco Pops? Well, we’ve got you covered. Our incredible rich yet nourishing Chocolate Hazelnut Granola is just what the doctor ordered. Add some creamy, dreamy oat milk, and you’ll be in heaven.  For those who tend to prefer a more savoury breakfast, the removal of eggs from your diet may seem to leave you at an impasse, but it’s not so! Instead of cracking a dozen of those little eggs for our morning repast, we like to whip up a nutritious and delicious vegan chickpea omelette.


If you’re Dutch, you definitely grew up having nice, filling broodjes for lunch, and being vegan may leave you feeling like you can never have that again. Not so! Instead of munching on a traditional tuna salad sandwich, we love to whip up creamy chickpea "tuna" salad and wrap it up in gluten-free, grain-free coconut wraps. Caesar salad is oh-so-satisfying, but it is certainly not vegan-friendly. With a few creative swaps, you can whip up an incredible vegan Caesar salad that will have you forget all about the original.


So you’ve got breakfast and lunch covered, but what about dinner? You want something satisfying and indulgent that won’t leave you feeling sluggish for 24 hours, right? Well, luckily there are plenty of vegan comfort food classics to ensure you won’t have to ignore any of your cravings. When it’s cold outside, we love to whip up a plant-based and gluten-free version of the Italian classic, eggplant parmesan. It’s crispy, customizable and incredibly delicious. Sometimes you want a steaming bowl of chili and it’s too late to order our Sweet Potato, Coconut & Chilli Soup on UberEats. So what are you to do? Whip up your own batch of white bean vegan chili, of course. If you decide you want to spice things up, then we suggest you head to the kitchen to make some spicy quinoa and black bean enchiladas. You won’t regret it.


And, last but not least, of course you want some snacks or desserts that are in line with your plant-based lifestyle, right? Whether you’re craving a rich vegan artichoke spinach dip or fully loaded vegan nachos, there’s a snack for everyone. Into sweets? We love to ditch the unhealthy, inflammatory candy bars in favour of our nutrient-dense Bounty Bars  and swap out a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie for smooth, sweet and salty Salted Caramel Pots de Créme.


Drooling? We thought so! Now tell us. What are your favourite vegan comfort food swaps?