in ASK | 29 May 2017

NEW! Top three juicery questions from you


What's the best for pre and post work outs?

Contrary to popular belief one of the best pre work out fuels is carbohydrates, and what better source than a natural one? Fresh fruit and starchy vegetables provide a great pre work out pick up. That's why we recommend the Iron Man, the Bedrock or the Glow. Want something a little more solid? Grab a Powerball. The raw cacao and nuts will give you an energy boost, but isn't too heavy.

For post work out protein is always a good idea. We're firm believers in the power of plant protein. Try a Mango Green smoothie the hemp seeds are packed with natural plant proteins. The Shit smoothie there's ample protein in the chia seeds and almond milk. Or grab the Pret a Protein cold pressed juice this too provides a great protein refuel. We also recommend our brand new juice the Astronauts Fuel. This is perhaps the most vitamin potent juice we stock thanks to Blue Majik. It's also extremely hydrating thanks to the coconut water and pineapple. 

That's a wrap 

Our wraps are handmade with dehydrated vegetables and herbs, so they are completely raw and gluten free. They're simply made with plant products because that's the way we like it.

Because we're firm believers you can never get enough veggies we also stuff them with more vegetables and cover them in delicious homemade sauces. The result is the freshest and tastiest wrap in town that's packed with nutrients and vitamins. Our wraps make the perfect lunch or dinner as the weather is warming up. Tasty, nutritious and light they're perfect for summer shredding. See below for a complete list of ingredients

Hummus wrap

spinach, hummus, carrot, courgette, alfalfa, sunflower seeds, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, miso, maple syrup, paprika, corn, psyllium husk, garlic, cumin, black pepper, Himalayan salt

Pesto wrap

spinach, pesto, carrot, courgette, alfalfa, basil, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, almonds, maple syrup, Himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, tamari, black pepper

What at TCPJ is free of dairy, gluten and sugar?

EVERYTHING! Okay that was maybe a trick question, but we get asked this soooooo much we thought we better clarify. We're proud to say that everything on our menu is dairy free, gluten free and has no refined added sugar. We use fruit and nuts to naturally flavour our products. This ensures they are not only tasty, but also every single ingredient is packed with health benefits.

So when you're ordering your smoothie, bowl or pudding rest assured there's no dairy, gluten or sugar. Pure health for a pure you.

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