in LEARN | 25 May 2017

Astronaut's magic you'll want down on earth


Out of the blue, we've got a real crowd pleaser for you. Blue Majik is the latest trend rocketing across the world. 

NASA knows what's hot. They're way ahead of the trends. NASA has been feeding astronauts Blue Majik for over fifty years. One gram is rumoured to be the equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and veggies. This potent algae is literally their fuel way out in space.

Blue Majik is their source of health. It has six times more antioxidants than blueberries, and twenty two times more iron than spinach. This blue concoction is set to be the new green juice....

More than just a pretty colour, this sky hued superfood is an algae sourced from the crystal clear Klamath Lake in Oregon. Phycocyanin is a derived from the Greek words “phyco” algae and “cyan” blue. This vibrant pigment is exclusive to algae.

We've mixed it into our newest cold pressed juice, eloquently named The Astronaut's Fuel.

This electrolyte heavy drink hydrates and replenishes your body. It's a powerhouse of protein and amino acids. The amino acid profile is super close to our bodies, explaining why its so beneficial for humans.

Rather than battling aliens, it fights free radicals. This helps prevent cellular damage and diseases.

Kiss the blues goodbye. The high levels of omega 3, 6 and B12 make it a natural remedy for depression and anxiety. It also helps balance hormones and mood.

Blue Majik's anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for before or after a work out, relieving muscle aches, cramps and headaches.  

Drink it a few hours before bed on an empty stomach, and it'll help lull you into a deep sleep... Sweet dreams are made of this. Surprisingly by day it gives you an energy boost. Magic!

It's not a once in a blue moon kinda thing. We're such firm believers in blue magij's power, it's here to stay. Let it brighten your day. It's very instagram friendly, cue photos against blue skies, the beach.. Get creative and tag us in your best shots!