in | 30 Jan 2020

The Dangers of Radiation

It’s 2020. That means for most of us, it’s pretty impossible to even remember a time without Wi-Fi everywhere and smartphones riding around in our pockets. Despite that fact, all of this technology is still pretty new, which means most of it is untested in terms of long-term effects on health. But it turns out that, anecdotally, we are finding out that a lot of this can actually be a bit detrimental to health, whether it manifests in afflictions like electro-sensitivity even more serious issues.


When we use cell phones, we are exposed to radiofrequency radiation. Though we can’t 100% pinpoint exactly how it’s wreaking havoc on our bodies, we do have proof that long-term use of cell phones actually increases our risk for cancer and slows the brain down. But it’s not only cell phones. Wi-Fi, smart metres, radar and more all have a high frequency electromagnetic field, which doctors are beginning to believe is dangerous.


Alternative health practitioners like herbalists are even getting rid of Wi-Fi in their offices as the herbs they use become ineffective when they come into contact with the radiation. They also recommend removing Wi-Fi from your home if possible, as the evidence of radiation in the body from these devices is clear when they see patients.


For those of us that suffer from Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), the effects are even more evident. This syndrome causes people to suffer from pain, headaches, brain fog, shooting pains and tingling. Sufferers often complain of other unpleasant symptoms like rashes, chronic fatigue, cardiac arrhythmia, anxiety, infertility, and impaired memory. In fact, between 2 and 10% of the population suffer this way as a result of sudden and excessive exposure to radiofrequency or normal electricity exposure. Many people who suffer from EHS go undiagnosed, so if you experience any of these symptoms and can’t figure out their cause, then you might consider removing Wi-Fi from your home or trying to cut down on cell phone use. Alternatively, using a headset when you talk on the phone can help to reduce your exposure because the radiation falls off rapidly with distance.


Even without suffering from Electrohypsersensitivity, we can still be doing damage to our bodies. Our DNA is incredibly sensitive to even the very smallest amount of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation. This can penetrate your body when you text or chat on the phone, and it will impact your biological functioning, particularly your circulation. In fact this radiation can actually break DNA, creating leaks in the blood-brain barrier and increasing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer and ALS.


Now that we’ve sufficiently scared you, what are we going to do about it to help? We’re going to provide you with the best ways to protect yourselves. Because even small measures can have great effects.

1. Turn one room at home into an EMF safe zone, ideally the bedroom. Unplug and disable all electronic equipment to encourage regeneration. If you’re really dedicated, you can even flip off the electrical breaker to your bedroom at night


2. Be smart about your cell phone use. Keep it away from your body as much as you can and consider turning it off when you don’t need it.


3. Eat a diet rich in EMF-protective antioxidants and minerals. Turmeric, Garlic, blueberries, sea veggies and cherries are all great for this, so grab a Turmeric, Orange & Black Pepper Shot, The Berry Beauty Bowl or the Gone Nuts Asian Kelp Noodle Salad.