in | 30 Jan 2020

Drinking the healthy way

So here we are. January is just about over, which means many of you are likely a day or so away from finishing a dry month. While we absolutely endorse taking a break from alcohol every once in a while (or really all toxins with a restorative juice cleanse periodically), we also know that alcohol is a part of most people’s lives.


And you know what? That’s totally ok. Because life is really all about balance. And alcohol can certainly be part of a healthy lifestyle, so long as you’re conscious about how and how often you’re imbibing.


Though we’re not suggesting you immediately barrel from Dry January into Wet February, we wanted to offer you a few helpful tips for how to drink responsibly, for how to incorporate alcohol into your life in the healthiest way possible.


Play favourites.


Though it might sound counterintuitive, drinking only what you really love is actually a great way to drink a bit healthier. While you might think you’d actually end up knocking back more glasses of the stuff because you really like the taste, you’ll actually be more restrained and conscious with your drinking as you won’t be gulping something down that you don’t enjoy. Plus, this shifts the focus from getting a buzz to simply indulging in a treat that really makes you happy – a far healthier approach.


Size really does matter, after all.

Turns out, portions are key. As with most things in life, excess is never a good thing. Everyone – and we mean everyone – needs to be more mindful of the portions we are consuming when it comes to alcohol. 5 ounces or wine, 12 ounces of beer or an ounce and a half of distilled spirits are considered one portion size for alcohol. We really should not be exceeding two portions per day, so once you’ve hit that limit, stop! You’ll be kinder to your body and you’ll avoid any kind of hangover. Win-win!


Quality, quality, quality.


Sure, it can be tempting to grab that cheap bottle of wine from the supermarket or look for budget options when it comes to liquor, but those will inevitably be worse for your body. Invest in good, natural wines and clean, high quality spirits like mezcal to ensure what you’re putting in your body is the best it can be. Levain et Le Vin and Rebel Wines are great places in Amsterdam to pick up fantastic biodynamic wines.


Timing is everything.


Most of us tend to drink well into the evenings when we do decide to indulge, usually having that last glass right before we start our night-time routines. Though it may feel tempting to reach for that night cap, drinking right before bed is not great for you. As it causes you to skip ahead in your sleep cycle, you will end up missing some of your REM cycle. This means you are not getting proper, restful sleep. Make sure you leave a good window of time between your last drink and the moment you shut your eyes.