in | 12 Dec 2019

Changing the Game


As we are fully in the throes of the cosiest season of the year, we’ve started spending a lot less time running around outdoors and a lot more time inside, working our way through or Netflix queues. We’ve seen a lot of great things from cheesy holiday movies to the new season of The Crown, but there’s one thing we watched that really stood out. What is it you ask? Obviously, The Game Changers.


If you haven’t heard about this documentary yet, you are totally missing out. This fantastic film follows former UFC fighter and Special Forces trainer James Wilks around the world on his quest for the truth about meat, investigating things like protein and strength and interacting with top athletes, visionary scientists and special ops soldiers. Like us here at The Cold Pressed Juicery, Wilks aims to change the way people eat and live to make the world and our bodies infinitely better.


In short, this film is a knockout. It even became iTunes’ best-selling documentary ever in just one week. Now how can you argue with that?


At TCPJ, we believe that plant-based eating is the way of the future. But just because it’s the best thing we can do to save ourselves and the planet in years to come doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start adopting this way of life now. It’s the best thing for our bodies and the planet, so we should be doing it now.


And this is just what The Game Changers seeks to impress upon its viewers.


Until recently, we all were taught that protein was absolutely essential for living, as well as for strength and athleticism. Your typical Western medicine practitioners and scientists claimed that you could only really get the proper amount of protein from eating meat, but thanks to more recent research and the investigative journalism done in The Game Changers, we have come to realise that is just not true. In fact, Wilks – with the help of people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Baboumian, Tia Blanco and Scott Jurek – uncovers  what just might be the largest health secret of our time: human performance is at its best when we are eating a plant-based diet.


Wilks leads viewers through time, citing how gladiators, some of the strongest men in history, did not eat meat and through to modern day science that has shown that no matter the source of protein (that’s plant or animal), gaining strength and muscle mass is just as easy and effective so long as the proper amount of amino acids are consumed. He goes on to illustrate how research has shown that the consumption of meat impairs blood flow and increases inflammation. Not only are these scary facts, but they also underscore the idea that animal protein is actually better for strength and muscle-building.


Starting to get the picture? While we’d love to hash out the whole movie here, we really want to make sure you watch it for yourself so you can draw your own conclusions and (hopefully!) get inspired to transform your diet and your life ASAP. So, what are you waiting for?! Order a warming Beet Bourguignon and a healing soup on UberEats, pour yourself a glass of natural wine and settle in for an enlightening evening of The Game Changers. We promise you won’t regret it.