in LEARN | 07 Jun 2017

NEW juices in your juice cleanse this summer!



It’s the time of the year where everyone is rushing in to do their cleanses. In June we literally get so many orders, and so many repeat customers. For the regulars the good news is this summer our cleanses will include all our new juices. Yet to try The Aphrodite, ] The MOAJ, The Antidote or The Astronaut’s Fuel? Now’s your chance to shake that cleanse up and reap the benefits of our new juices. 

Summer signals a new season, the time of the year where everyone wants their body in optimum shape and their skin to glow. What better way to kick off healthy eating for summer and reprogram your body to crave healthier foods than a juice cleanse?

By flooding your body with only raw fruit and vegetables you’re actually refreshing your palette. Our tastebuds develop and adapt over periods of time. We crave what we eat. By detoxing you’re actually enabling your body to want healthier options. It may be the most effective way to curb the desire for heavily sugared or greasy processed foods.

Cleansing is like a broom that will sweep through your body from the inside, sweeping it full of vitamins and nutrients. If you’re feeling a winter jetlag, and need an energy boost for body and mind then cleansing could be what you’re after. The liquid goodness will give your body a much needed boost. Cleansing also activates mental wellbeing.

A juice cleanse is the quickest and safest means of summer shredding. Got a summer holiday coming or or a wedding you want to look lean and taut for? Try a cleanse to help flatten the stomach. Keep in mind we advise to slowly go back to normal eating, coffee, and boozing (if you must) so if you’re planning a big trip or wedding allow a few days in-between for your body to adjust.

This summer cleanse in style, with the newest juices on the block. Wanting to add the new juices to your cleanses, but unsure what to order? Read about their health benefits here… Or if in doubt ask one of our friendly sale team. They’ll help you decide which juice is best for you and your palette. Cheers to a summer of health!