in EAT | 11 May 2017

We reveal the final secret newbees hitting stores this May

Spring has inspired us to think big. The fresh air has gone to our heads, and crazy creativity has flourished. That's why this month we've launched not one, not two, but nine new products.

The ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates wisely declared “Let food be your medicine." We've always stuck by this mantra. We believe this medicine should not only nourish, but also taste divine and inspire. That's why we're introducing some delicious new items for your health fix. You're welcome.

We're proud to be the first Cold Pressed Juicery that opened in Amsterdam. Since 2014 we've strived to bring you the most wholesome organic produce, that enriches your lifestyle, body and mind. Initially our focus was on growth - we opened three additional stores in under a year, enabling us to bring more goodness to the lives of more people.

Since then we've been busy training our teams, bringing the right people together so they are equipt to assist you. But we've heard your request: more juices, more smoothies, more food. The last few months we've been secretly squirrelling away, developing brand new products unlike what we've done before.

They've been tried and tested. We've sourced the best good quality organic produce from local suppliers, and each of our new products highlights one or more unusual ingredients you won't find elsewhere. Without further ado, the secret's out. This is what we've launched, and hold onto your hats in that spring wind, this is what's coming up.



Star wars fans get excited. This Jedi weapon may be just what you needed to get through the day. "This weapon is your life." - Obi-Wan Kenobi. With its special powers the Light Saber detects what's up in your body. Defend and protect your immune system! Deflect illness from your life! Protein heavy chia seeds and spinach will make you stronger, combining forces with chlorella to give the whole body an immune boost and nutrient hit. Once you build it, the lightsaber will become your constant companion, your tool, and a ready means of defense." Luke Skywalker. Take his word for it, not ours. May the force be with you.


A juice that will rock your world. It's the latest craze rocketing across the planet. Be one of the first Amsterdammers to try it!


Beauty meets baobab in this berry bowl. Not a beast, it's a fruit from Africa's so called tree of life. This potent powder is rich in vitamin C, calcium, protein and fiber. Baobab, combined with blueberries make an antioxidant charged bowl that'll be the addition to your morning beauty routine you didn't know you were looking for. Cue luscious hair, glowing skin and clear eyes. Of course we endorse beauty on the inside, it'll flood your body nutrients and minerals keeping you healthy and your vital organs happy.


Try hum that to Peter Andre's infamous tune. Our third and final bowl is still hush hush. Watch this space!

Coming with summer...


Let our new juice the aphrodite seduce you with it's sweet ways. It'll certainly put you in the mood with its aphrodisiac properties. This seasonal summer drink has four special ingredients you'll fall for. Maca, watermelon, rhubarb and rose water. 

Maca increases fertility, libido and balances hormones. Rose water and watermelon hydrate and aid digestion. Rhubarb optimises metabolism. They come together to be a minxy concoction that enhances energy, uplifts mood, and hydrates skin enhancing that natural summer glow. It'll be love at first sight!



Papaya, matcha, green probiotics, coconut & spinach team up for the biggest game yet: The Super Bowl is here - and will kick your socks off. Our first ever smoothie bowl’s supreme ingredients make it as strong and smooth as a quarterback. The kiwi, sprouted buckwheat granola & mulberries on top are as ravishing as a halftime show. 

Topical papaya is a fruit we've thrown in not only for it's luscious taste, but for its many vitamins, antioxidants and its unique enzyme that works miracles for your digestion. A naturally sweet smoothie straight from the tropics, the tasty toppings make it oh so instagram-able.


These are no ordinary oats. We present to you, the Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel Raw Steel Cut Oatmeal. 

It tastes so so good, you won't believe it's healthy. But it is. This nutty treat is raw and free from sugar and gluten. It’s rich in protein, fiber & iron and keeps your mood up and going all day. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or as a snack, whatever floats your oat.

I bet you're wondering what exactly are steel cut oats? We're glad you asked. What makes these superior to the rest is they are not steamed or rolled, they are simply cut several times. The larger surface area slows digestion, making the stomach work harder.  Less processed, they have a lower glycemic load than normal oats, meaning glucose is released into the body gradually throughout the day. You'll feel full for longer, minimises the desire to snack between meals.


The Mother of All Juices hit our stores early May. This intensely green wonder’s mission is to blow your taste buds and blast your body with as much green as you can handle. 

Jalapeno spices things up - aiding weight loss & setting fire to potential illnesses. Nettle also aids in weight loss, and gives hair and skin a glow. They combine forces with spinach, kale, fennel, cucumber, green paprika, aloe vera, nettle, romaine, parsley, watercress and lemon to create the ultimate alkaline detox.

This veggie rich lean green machine will help combat daily life. We've added more jalapeno since the original batches, so give it another whirl, as it swirls around you're mouth feel that detox fire burn.



This sweet green juice has been selling out since day one. The Antidote’s appeal is it's here to heal. Starring antioxidant rich red grapes, these healthiest from the kingdom of grapes. These sweet delights actually aid weight loss, help prevent disease, and regulate blood pressure & blood sugars. 

The supporting star is chlorella - one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. Packed with protein, and B vitamins it'll not only make you healthy but also boost your mood. Read all about it here. Whether you’re in need of a cure, or simply want to keep going, get The Antidote flowing.

Pop in store and go wild with all the newbees. There's something for everyone: from Star Wars and Sci Fi fans, to romance lovers and sports fanatics. We hope you enjoy them all as much as we do!