in | 19 Oct 2017

New In Store!


There’s always a bit of resistance to meet the new kids on the block in person, we know. Here’s a brief introduction, so you know a bit more about the products we carefully and lovingly added to our selections in store.


The Lightsaber

This one will bring you all the greens (spinach, cucumber, parsley), but with the fresh sweetness of pineapple leading the way. The aloe vera added to it makes it even more nutrient-dense. Especially because, unlike any juice we’ve ever had, The Lightsaber carries a subtle quantity of soaked chia seeds. Soaking them like that makes them become digestible so you can consume them as a whole. Did you know Chia in the Mayan language means “strength”? Aztec warriors used to eat them for endurance. This makes the Lightsaber more substantial and energizing, but it remains light and, basically, the juice equivalent of the energy sword from Star Wars. 


The Superfood Lattes

A game changer. The main ingredient of latte's are their milk, naturally. Dairy free that is. It's a lovingly made, homemade blend of organic coconut milk and almond milk. Both coconut and almond milk are great energizers because of the proteins and healthy fats. They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium. A great source of nutrients, which your average latte doesn’t really got going on. And the best is yet to come. It’s the Superfood to the Latte.

Here goes;

1. Blue Majik & Ginger

2. Activated Charcoal & Black Sesame Latte

3. Hot Chocolate & Chaga latte

4. Matcha & Maca Latte

5. Golden Tumeric


For more in-depth info on why each superfood is so, well, super, click here! It will show you even more of the reasons you want and deserve these so bad. Because trust us. You do.