in | 19 Oct 2017

Eye candy, Nourishment for the body


As you may have noticed, baby, it’s getting colder outside. The Juicery, jack of more trades than just the cold pressed kind, noticed the seasons shift, and extends its horizons accordingly. Allow us to introduce to you the hottest new concoctions in store. In need of something warm to pick you up while temperature and energy levels drop? These superfood latte’s will take you places coffee can only dream of.


Our team (shoutout to our talented Chef Nana) has been brewing up five perfect storms with ingredients full of flavour, minerals, enzymes, vitamins. Much more than your average cup of joe will ever bring to the table. All bundled up in an organic, homemade blend of warm almond/coconut milk. No dairy. No sugar. Completely plant based, healthy and delicious.


Blue Majik & Ginger Latte

Blue majik is a great and unique source of plant based protein and amino acids. It is derived from the highest quality Spirulina, leaving it in a magical blue pigment that is as esthetically satisfying as it is nutritionally. One tablespoon equals the nutritional value of one kilogram of fruits and vegetables! Ginger, a well-known all-rounder, is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic.


Activated Charcoal & Black Sesame Latte

Activated charcoal cleanses the whole system. This one is great on days after the night before; it is even meant to treat (alcohol)poisoning. It traps toxins, but also alleviates gas and bloating. It’s anti aging too. Black sesame seed is a small but powerful food, also anti aging, and very good for digestion. It’s high in calcium, which is good for skin and bones, and will give you a healthy glow.


Hot Chocolate & Chaga latte

Hot chocolate 2.0. Raw cacao contains 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries, is high in iron and magnesium and will lift you up with a bit of caffein. Chaga mushroom is an energizing stress reliever. It is antibacterial and also a natural powerhouse of phyto nutrients. It will protect your body from radicals that cause diseases like diabetes, certain types of cancer, parasites, stomach pain. The perfect vegan hot chocolate or also known as our Babyccino.


Matcha & Maca Latte

Matcha is high in antioxidants and carries enough caffeine to kick you with a buzz, except this one won’t make you crash afterwards. Maca balances hormones, boosts energy but also stabilizes energy levels. Word on the street (backed up by research) is that it works as an aphrodisiac - especially for you, ladies. Side note: this is the perfect latte for those that prefer more of a bitter flavour. 


Golden Turmeric Latte

Turmeric is said to be the healthiest spice on earth. The list is endless; it is great for skin health thanks to the strong antioxidants. It is great for digestion and blood purification. It is also highly anti inflammatory like ginger, except where ginger treats symptoms, turmeric goes to the source. That’s is why it’s anti-cancer. This latte will have a calming effect on your body and mind.

Now we’ve laid out all the facts for you, we’ll leave it up to you to experience why taste wise they are like nothing else out there. Don’t just take our word for it. Find out yourself. Go get them while they’re hot.