in | 15 Dec 2017

Getting Through The Holidaze


Know that feeling of needing another holiday after your holiday? You might have had Mariah blasting from your speakers since November and been hopping christmas markets like a drunk reindeer, but all that fuzzy togetherness... it can become a bit much. Here’s a few tips on how to not lose your zen to the bells and whistles this year.

Start your days right.

Maybe you have more time now, maybe you are social butterflying your way through the christmastide. Ground rule; the less time you have to slow down, the more it deserves your attention to do so. It can be as small as going for a walk in the morning, sitting down and taking a few minutes to just focus on your breath, or listing a few points of gratitude. Anything to set the tone for the day, making sure you are grounded and stable to face whatever you have planned.


Dodge family drama.

We can not control others, but we can control how we show up ourselves. Before you react to whatever kind of sneery comment your aunt is making about your placemats, give it a few seconds to think about how, and even if, you want to respond. Know which topics to simply avoid at the table. Focus on conversation light. Maneuvering your way around tensions often involves being the bigger person and choosing silence over speech. 


Treat yo self.

Have yourself a merry little christmas, or even a happy new year, and just do whatever kind of holiday (or non-holiday) activity (or non-activity) you feel like. Even when that's turning off your phone, kicking back, and not really participating in the gatherings around. Dive into some self care while you're at it. There's no rule that only traditional celebrations count. You do you, boo! These are your holidays too.


Host your own party.

If you do wish for a more social merrymaking, this is a good chance to surround yourself with your kind of people, your kind of food, your kind of vibe. Again, you can’t control every christmas party, but you can (kind of) control the one your throw yourself. Here you can find a few ways of how we can help you in the kitchen. 


Have inside activities at the ready.

Having something to do when it’s dark and stormy outside (or inside) makes all the difference. A few examples;

- Movie: did you know Netflix houses one of the most classical old timers (1947!), where Santa clause ventures through a beautiful black-and-white New York City? A Miracle On 34th Street will charm you right into the best of spirits.

- Book: since you have a little extra time, use the opportunity to make it a little selfish. “A beautiful guide to living a more conscious and healthy life” is the book by our friends at Bedrock. A collection of all their best articles pocketed in one easy, off-line place. 

- Game: a magical gift to give, receive and play with is the tarot deck by The Wild Unknown. This New York Times bestseller is known for it's approachability and fun design. Who knows what's in the cards for you for 2018? Expect to read more about tarot in one of the upcoming blogs.