in | 30 Nov 2017

Adding Champagne To Your Juice

Need some help hosting a Christmas Party? Let’s join forces. That's not just combining your cooking skills with ours, but also holiday-indulging with treating-your-body-right. It's all about that balance, baby, we got you! Theoretically, it’ll still be home-made. Just make sure you mix, pour, roast or crumble your part in, and serve it your way. We won't kiss and tell. 


A fabulous statement of a drink. This will get your Christmas brunch where you want it to go. Traditionally, a classic mimosa is topped off with a teaspoon of Grand Marnier or grenadine to add a little complexity, but we think the Reset Juice will cover that for you, combining orange and grapefruit with cucumber, lemon, ginger and cayenne. Almost makes a regular mimosa sound a little basic.

Bubbles. If you want classy, but your budget doesn’t agree to popping Moët bottles just yet, a good quality Prosecco or Cava will get you there too.

Mix. A traditional mimosa asks for equal parts citrus juice and fizz. Feel free to mix up that ratio to your liking, so if you want it a little boozier (if!), one part juice to three parts of bubbly is common too.

Serve. Pour the bubbles over the juice to avoid foaming, preferably in flutes, since you are clearly very fancy. Adding in a little frozen fruit or cinnamon stick will add the final touch of flavour and looks. Serve as chilled as possible.

Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup - Threefold

The right soup can easily be the life or the party. Our Sweet Potato Soup and Coconut soup is especially festive because of the thick texture, rich flavour and beautiful orange colour. You can plate it up whichever way you like.

Solo. Humbly served as a starter, we like to top it with our seed mix (sunflower, pumpkin, flax) and some parsley. Easy does it, but still celebratory and delicious.

As a base. With a few accessories, this becomes a very attractive Christmas stew, without the time-consuming preparations on beforehand. Add in any type of vegetables you love, some greens, maybe a bit of grain like quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat or spelt, and it will be a wholesome and colourful plateful just like that.

As part of a whole. Nothing like a Christmas roast. This soup loves to be accompanied by all your classics like vegetable roasts, potatoes, salads. You do you, combine your favourite old-timers and family recipes!

Raw Vegan Bounty Bar with Raw Vegan Banana-Ice cream

Who doesn’t love dessert? Excuse me, who doesn’t love dessert when it tastes this good, but is also this good for you, but secretly is also this easy to prepare. You’ll steal the show, another serving is a must, the last bite will be as good as the first.

DIY: Four Ingredient Coconut Vanilla Nice Cream. This recipe serves 4;

Transfer 4-5 overripe frozen bananas from your airtight bag or container into a kitchen machine or high quality blender. Add one chilled can of good quality full-fat coconut milk, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Blend until you have the desired soft, fluffy texture, then pop into the freezer for another 30 minutes, or scoop out directly.

Add the Bounty Bar. This is your party. You can break the bar up and crumble it on top of the scoops, cut it and put pieces around it, or take two halves and make a nice cream sandwich. Be creative, follow your instincts, we’re sure whichever way you go, you’ll smash it into something divine and no doubt Instagram-worthy. We’d love to see, do tag us! 

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