in | 26 Dec 2019

Get Pretty from the Inside Out: Nathalie’s Beauty Tips

If you’ve ever caught sight of our founder Nathalie Streng breezing in and out of any of our TCPJ locations, you know how stunning she is. She radiates light and beauty from the inside out. Every time we see her, we’re always left wondering: how on earth did she get that amazing glow?


Not one to keep health secrets to herself (that’s why she started The Cold Pressed Juicery, after all!), Nathalie decided to give us the lowdown on her top beauty tips. And thank goodness for that! Because we’d love nothing more than to start 2020 as gorgeously glowy as Nathalie.




1. Electro-Acupuncturist: Anne Claire van Putten on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam (+31206272482 or is the most knowledgeable woman I’ve ever met when it comes to natural medicine, herbs, superfoods and vitamins. She measures all of my organs and my wellbeing through pressure points in my body. I first went to her to see if she could help me with better sleep, but she ended up telling me my entire medical history simply by evaluating my organs. I was blown away. I go to her twice a year for a check-up to ensure I remain perfectly in balance, plus I bring along any vitamins or superfoods I’m taking to find out if they’re working for me.


2. Supplements: Supplements are very important. I like to take B-12, as I enjoy a plant-based diet. I also take magnesium to aid with sleep, as well as Camu Camu, spirulina, chia seeds and probiotics.


3. Juice cleanses: These are essential. I do them several times a year. In general, I also only drink juices and power shots like our Ginger and Turmeric ones in the morning five or six days a week, adding in our Cup of Youth smoothie, soups and smoothie bowls for the rest of the day. It’s all about lots of raw, organic food. Plus you can never have too many green juices in the morning before switching to fruitier ones in the afternoon.




1. Exercise: I make sure to go to Rocycle three times a week and make time for a 10 kilometre run once a week. I also like to fit in one yoga session at Delight each month. When I’m on vacation, I make time for yoga every single day. I also ride at the Hollandsche Manege three times a week and go for a walk in the Amsterdamse Bos a couple times a month.


2. Meditation: It’s important for me to relax my mind (this reflects in my body!), so I try to meditate three or four times a week.


3. Sleep: You absolutely must go to bed on time for a good night’s sleep and a glowy face.


4. Facials: Four times a year, I go to Just Skin for a facial. I love Janneke and Katy, as they give the best personalised facials depending on what I need that day. They measure your skin and then work from there to build the perfect faical.


5. Lavendula: For beauty products and vitamins – I like to experiment a lot but always prefer natural brands – I like going to Lavendula on the Westerstraat.


6. Tata Harper: The gorgeous products from Tata Harper are what I go for when I really want to treat myself. If you want to pick some up in Amsterdam, you can always pop into Babassu.


7. La Mer Eye Cream: I’m currently using an under-eye cream from La Mer, and it is very moisturising.


8. Moon Juice Serum and Exfoliating Tonic: I love the Shroom Plumping Jelly serum from Moon Juice, as well as their Exfoliating Acid Potion.


9. Aesop Face Oil and Sunscreen: I opt for Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil to moisturise, and I make sure to put on their sunscreen every day. It’s important to protect your skin!


10. Origins Cleanser: Getting your face properly fresh and clean is just as important as moisturising your skin, and I like to use a cleanser from Origins.


11. Haircut and blow-dry: To keep my hair as healthy and beautiful as my skin, I go for regular haircuts and blow-dries at the stunning Meraki I always book with Bert, the founder.