in | 13 Jan 2019




We’ve told you time and time again about the benefits of unplugging, the wonders of leaving your phone behind and becoming truly present in the moment. So you might be scratching your head, wondering why we are suddenly telling you to whip out those phones and lean on them a little bit. Though there are myriad benefits of reducing screen time (from reduced anxiety to better sleep to lessened symptoms of brain fog), it turns out that those little handheld devices can be incredibly useful beyond keeping up to date with the latest tweets or exchanging those ‘Happy New Year’ texts with people you haven’t seen in ages.


We’d be willing to bet you’ve already listed a goal or two that you’d like to focus on in 2019. Whether it’s tackling a cleanse for the first time or fighting that picky palate of yours and trying out a new, unusual restaurant, it’s a worthy goal, and we (and your phones) are here to help you achieve it. Knowing what you want to accomplish is an important first step to achieving goals!


If you’ve ever set a goal or made a New Year’s resolution before, you know that it’s not always smooth sailing. You often need to shift your mind set, actively choose differently and adjust your habits. If this all seems daunting to you, you’re not alone. But luckily, that little rectangle you’re probably clutching whilst reading this can be instrumental in helping you tackle all your goals for 2019. Here are the four ways your digital shadow can help you stick to every single goal. And achieve them!


1. Find the best goal-oriented apps and download them. This will help ensure success. There are a number of fantastic goal-tracking apps like Strides and Fabulous that will make achieving your goals infinitely easier. They allow you to input the healthy habits or changes you want to adopt and keep you motivated, checking on your progress as you go. If you have a niche goal like reducing harmful chemicals in your skincare or household products, you can bet there’s an app for that. Looking to be a friend to the environment and cut down on food waste? No Waste has got you covered.


2. Embrace social media. Now we don’t mean start scrolling mindlessly or bum yourself out staring at Instagram bloggers with enviable lifestyles that you feel you can’t compare to. Instead, we mean to use social media in a positive, productive way. You’ve probably seen your friends posting #Whole30 or #MyWy, and while you may have rolled your eyes before, we promise they’re on to something. Research has shown that publicly sharing the goals you set can actually motivate you! You are held accountable when you post something publicly, and you are also surrounded by a supportive community with similar goals.


3. Forget the apps and check your photos. We told you all about the wonders of establishing a gratitude practice, so now’s the time to give that a go. Practicing intentional thankfulness can help you to achieve every other wellness goal you could imagine. It’ll help you lower stress, achieve more happiness or help you find a sense of emotional wellbeing. You may not have thought of it before, but scrolling through the photos on your phone frequently will remind you of the wonderful memories you’ve created. This will encourage your brain to enter gratitude mode, making all your other goals much easier to achieve.


4. Swap out your background. Don’t get us wrong. We love to have pictures of our best friend, our puppy or our significant other as our phone background, as they always bring smiles to our faces. But changing your phone background to something that will remind you of your “why.” This is like the modern version of hanging an inspirational photo on your refrigerator. Seeing your “why” every time you open your phone will act as a trigger and help keep you motivated.