in | 17 Oct 2019


From September 20 through September 27, people across the globe banded together to take place in the Global Climate Strike. Only a cause so huge and so important could elicit such a powerful response from people from more than 150 countries, working together in unison to bring about change. And what is that cause? Saving our planet.

Even if you didn’t participate in the protests, you can still make a difference, still show your support for such a just and worth cause. Making moves to minimise your environmental is surprisingly easy and surprisingly impactful. Want to make a difference? Here’s how.

1. Go vegan. Obviously here at The Cold Pressed Juicery, this is our very favourite way to help the planet. Studies have shown that people can cut the environmental impacts of their diets in half simply by lowering their meat consumption. So imagine what you could do if you were to cut out animal products altogether! Try swapping your usual animal product-heavy foods for nutrient-dense and delicious vegan ones, like our Lasagna or our Beet Bourguignon.

2. Take your bike! This one is pretty easy for us in the Netherlands, but it still should be said. Cutting down on driving time is the single best thing you can do for the environment, so that means it’s ideal to avoid taking cabs or Ubers if you can as well. Opt for the tram if it’s raining, and take the train to the airport! It’ll also save you money!

3. Make a contribution. There are innumerable fantastic charities out there that put money to good use to achieve cleaner air, water, land and use of resources on a global scale. Do a bit of research and find a cause that speaks to you and then donate! It doesn’t matter how much you give because every little bit helps.

4. Put your dollars to work. Your money has more power than just the causes you donate to. You can also make choices about how the environment is impacted with your purchasing power. Invest in sustainable fashion and homewares, rather than fast fashion. The clothing sector contributes 3 percent of global carbon emissions, so opting for sustainable or vintage will make a huge difference.

5. Make your voice heard. Spreading the word about ways to be more eco-friendly is an easy and wonderful way to help minimize damage to our climate. You may think people know everything that you do, but, chances are, they don’t It’s also great to use your vote when elections come around to choose candidates that are stewards of the environment.