Do you want to be the right hand and therefor of extreme importance to our Operations manager? We are currently looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious management assistant intern to join our team.  

The Company – The Cold Pressed Juicery
The Cold Pressed Juicery opened its doors in Amsterdam Zuid on October 24th, 2014. To 
date we have 5 retail locations in Amsterdam where we offer the highest quality of organic certified cold pressed juices, raw foods, healing soups, superfood smoothies and more plant-based products to go. All of our products are made in store as well as at our 6th location, our professional kitchen in Amsterdam West. They are all organic, gluten, dairy and sugar-free, plant-based, healthy, contain nothing processed and delicious. It is our mission to provide everyone with the purest and most healing juices and foods that are made with passion, professionalism and dedication to create a positive impact, energize, nourish, heal and cleanse the body while taking into account our home, Planet Earth.



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