in | 04 Aug 2017

Five ways to get the most out of your work day


Work days are getting longer, and it can be tricky to stay motivated and fresh eyed when you're busy, tired and stressed. Yet there's some simple life hacks you can try to make that work day easy, breezy and super productive.


Contrary to what we've been taught to think, working harder doesn't necessarily mean better results. If we push ourselves too much it can make us feel even more burnt out and procrastinate even more.


Sometimes its the simple things in life you forgot you were missing. Fresh air, healthy snacks, refuelling properly, and ample sleep with some deep breathing thrown in. Here's five easy peasy ways to get more out of your working day and feel happier in the process.



The first key to a productive work day is a being well rested. Being tired and under slept is hard to come back from. Try sleep 7-8 hours each night to keep your mind sharp and fresh. Having a regular bed and wake up time helps set your body in a routine, and you'll feel more refreshed when you do wake up.



Food is our fuel. We can't expect to focus on our work if our body isn't properly fuelled. Kick start your day with a decent breakfast, ideally something with protein. We love to ease into the day with a ginger shot and smoothie bowl. Ensure your lunch is also nutritious - whole grains and veggies will keep that brain ticking well. Here's some tasty and easy lunch box recipes. Have some healthy snacks to munch on like nuts and fruit to stop you snacking on sugary treats in the afternoon that will give you a sugar low. 



Research has shown you are not only far more productive when you've had a break, but it also matters when you take five. Try take a break earlier in the day before you get that afternoon sluggish feeling, you'll be surprised it keeps you feeling fresher for longer. Reward yourself and you'll find yourself tackling tasks much more efficiently after a quick breather. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day to stretch your legs and get a change of scenery.



Not only should you take regular breaks, but Swedish researchers have found that physical exercise enhances productivity. Try a midday Rocycle or fitness class. It'll give you a endorphin hit and you'll notice the afternoon flies by instead of the usual drag. Plus if you've already done your work out for the day that gives you more free time after work for you. Unwind by reading a book, taking a bath or trying a new recipe.



Nothing like a little desk meditation to keep you serene during the day. If you feel stresses creeping up take time out for a little bit of meditation. Put those headphones in, enhale, exhale and rebalance yourself. We talked all about the benefits of meditation here. You may be suprised to hear you don't need to always meditate with your eyes closed. What? It's true. Meditating wide eyed can actually help ground you in the present moment. That's a real plus as your colleagues won't be raising eyebrows if you appear to be sleeping sitting up.

What are you life hacks you use to get through the day? What works best for you?