in LEARN | 12 Feb 2017

What's your love language? The gift guide for every type of lover.

There are many languages in the world, but apparently only five languages of love. 

"My conclusion after thirty years of marriage counseling is that there are basically five emotional love languages—five ways that people speak and understand emotional love....The important thing is to speak the love language of your partner" - Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages, New York Times bestseller, 11 million copies sold worldwide)

It may shock you to hear that gifts are not the way to everyone's heart. Not everyone feels loved when they receive a present. Figure out your lover's love language, and give them the love they really desire this Valentine's day.

The five love languages

Receiving gifts: Small tokens of love such gifts, notes, trinkets are used to express love

Words of affirmation: Appreciation, praise and spoken words are said to express love

Acts of service: Actions speak louder than words. Practical gestures, and useful things are done to show love

Quality time: Undivided attention and time spent together signals love

Physical touch: Feeling affection through physical touch like kissing, cuddling, and a simple touch here and there show love

Ponder the way you feel loved. Take the test. Then think about your partner. How do they show you their love? Which of the above do they respond best to? After significant reflecting, get them the gift that will speak the most to them.


Write your partner a card, poem or love letter with qualities you appreciate about them. Hide cute post-it notes with compliments around the house. Make a playlist with all your favourite songs that remind you of them. The affirmations are sure to fill their heart with love and gratitude.


Do what you can to make this person's life a little easier, and they'll feel the love alright. Make them breakfast in bed. It may be a romantic cliche, but we love it anyway. Help them out with that practical project around the home they've been procrastinating. Clean their car, do their laundry, fix their bike. Oh you romantic you. For the right person this will evoke the ultimate gratitude.


It's not in the event itself, but in the time spent together. So set aside some time, relax, and enjoy each others company. Head off on a road trip, stroll through Amsterdam's Bos, go out for a long meal, or take a steamy boat trip along the canals. Choose a covered glass boat with a heater, then get all Titantic on it and draw love hearts in the windows. Cute. 


Give them a coupon for illicit kisses, unlimited hugs, or a sultry massage. Share a bath, or go dancing together. Be their body slave for the day. Follow our staff's lead, and pour a smoothie all over yourself...


And the usual Valentines suspect. Gifts. But it's not about materialism, it's all about the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Surprise them with their favourite Cold Pressed Juice in the morning, or declare your love with the healthy Heartbeet smoothie. We'll give you 10% all red juicery products in the name of love today and tomorrow. Choose from the Iron Man, the Glow, The Heartbeat, The Cup of Youth. Give them a gift that's the colour of love.

Lingerie. We like lingerie. You like lingerie. Win win. Plus you can hit two love languages with one stone, gifts and touch (if you're lucky) Thing I like things I love have some sexy pieces for her. Nothing like a new pair of Calvin's to make him feel oh so manly, and good news ladies, there's a 50% special. Make that special someone feel extra special. Abs not included, torsos may vary.

And hey if you're single? Practise some self love, and treat yourself to what you love most. Lingerie, smoothies in bed, red juices, walks in the woods. All of the above.

Remember Valentine's day is all about love and appreciation for that special someone, not just about gifts. Communicate your affections in their love language and you might have the sultriest Valentines yet.