in | 15 Nov 2018



Here at The Cold Pressed Juicery we’re a pretty lucky bunch, and we’re grateful for it. We have a wonderful, thriving community, we get to share our passion for fresh and healthy food with you and we truly love our jobs. We asked some of our team what they’re thankful for this year and always, and this is what they had to say.



founder and owner

I’m thankful for everything. For my family and friends that support me along this journey and that they accept and understand I have less time for them. I’m thankful for my entire team who day in and day out wash all the produce, press, bottle, deliver, serve, create and so much more. I’m thankful for all our new and especially loyal customers who have been staying healthy with us from day one. I’m thankful for all the things I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur and for being able to run a team of 45 people, 4 stores and one kitchen.



creative content creator

I am thankful for so many things; it’s difficult to distil it into a little blurb like this! I am grateful for all those that I love and for the time I have with them. I am grateful for my health. And I am grateful to be able to live in this wonderful city and be part of such a special community.



part-time smoothie maker at the Prinsengracht 

These days, I’m excited to see the seasons changing and experiencing this in everyday life: spending cosy evenings with friends, wearing big sweaters and cooking warming stews. I am grateful for these little things, as they add up to pure happiness. Embracing the smell of cinnamon, watching the light of burning candles or having good talks give me the comforting feeling of being fully present. I am thankful for the moments that remind me that joy can be found all around us – we just need to believe in it!



operations manager

I’m very thankful for the opportunities I have and the season we are closing in on: Christmas, my favourite season. I am also thankful for our brand new apartment and my wonderful wife. I love that I get to work for a company that goes to great lengths not to compromise and tries to deliver the best of the best, always.



team leader at the Prinsengracht

I am thankful for my caring, supportive, loving family whom I love so much. I am grateful for my kind parents that have sacrificed so much for my sister and me and for my sister who is my confidante in life, my best friend. I am grateful for the love I feel from my family. I am thankful for knowing my God and being able to walk through life with Him and for the community that I’m a part of. I am grateful for my beautiful, loving boyfriend, my partner in life, my best friend and my other half, who makes every aspect of my life such a pleasure. I am thankful for the privilege of living in such a beautiful city and all of the opportunities it presents. I am thankful for a full stomach, a warm cosy place to live, running water and electricity. This seems basic, but for most people in this world, this is a luxury. I am grateful for the privilege to complete tertiary education. It is an honour I am so grateful for. I’m thankful to have wonderful, supportive, loyal friends who have become my family. I am thankful for my health, the ability to surf, to exercise and to go about my daily life able-bodied. I’m thankful for the ability to make music, to use my hands to create and the ability to engage in my hobbies. I am so thankful to have a wonderful job I love, to work with amazing people, for meeting amazing people and for the feeling of making a difference.