in | 28 Jun 2018



To take care of your heart can be interpreted in all sorts of ways. Physically, without our heart pumping blood through our bodies, we die. Emotionally, a broken heart can tear us apart. Elephants can actually die of a broken heart. And energetically, the heart has your strongest electromagnetic field, 60 times higher in amplitude than the brain when measured in an electrocardiodragram. Safe to say, this is our centre. Scientists are trying to understand the intelligence this field contains, as more and more studies are showing certain information, emotions, coding are being transmitted through it. Here’s a few ways to love and protect this sacred space.



1. Eat enough heart-healthy foods - pass on the blueberries, almonds and walnuts, leafy greens, avocado, cacao, and olive oil. At the Juicery, you'll find these ingredients in the Mexican Burrito Salad, the Berry Beauty Bowl, the Sh*t Smoothie and our healthy, raw chocolates.
2. Take care of your dental hygiene - experts say having clean teeth and gum is strongly linked to having a healthy heart. The mechanisms the body uses for both areas are very alike, such as regulating inflammation and producing certain chemicals. Clean your teeth twice a day, floss daily, replace your tooth brush every three months, and schedule that appointment with the dentist - your mum would be proud.
3. Be careful with (second-hand) smoke - we all know cigarettes are bad for you, but even if you're not a smoker, don't forget about the smog in the city, fumes and emission gasses, or even the smoke you inhale when sitting on a terras. If you can, try biking over the road with the least car traffic, and generally think about where you choose to position yourself outside. Cleanse your lungs from time to time with clean, fresh air. 



1. A selfless act of kindness - studies have shown that one act of kindness improves our health and longevity significantly. Softness can be our biggest strength, and to help others this way will strengthen our compassion and release a love and care-taking hormone called oxytocin.
2. Open your heart - Connect. To yourself as well as to nature. To loved ones as well as strangers. Face to face as well as over the phone. Just make sure you communicate from the heart. Spread the love. We can get so caught up in our heads, to our individuality, our ego, that we forget about our collective wellbeing. Here too, studies have shown a sense of community as well as tuning in with nature will improve your quality of life and longevity.
3. Work on one of your passions - this will literally make your heart beat faster, pump more blood through your veins, flow more oxygen through your body. You feel so much stronger when you are in your zone, catching the universal flow that makes our small self disappear. You're operating from your heart now. Up goes your energy, confidence and positivity.


To take care of your heart, is to take care of your centre. We do this through self care, we do this through love. Love is an energy, and it emits from and through the heart on its own wavelength. When we take care of our heart, when this heart-energy becomes stronger and healthier, we get closer and closer to embodying this frequency at full potential. That's you at your full potential. That is when you 'become' love.