in | 30 May 2019


In recent years, pretty much everything has had a wellness makeover. We’ve ditched pasta in favour of zoodles. We no longer munch on a bowl of cereal in the morning; instead we add some Banana Vanilla Granola made from sprouted buckwheat to our bowls with a splash of oat milk. Basically every part of our lives have become greener and healthier.

And you know what? We love it. But what about something as simple and essential as water? It’s hydrating and natural, so could it really be improved? Turns out, sort of.

Enter: alkaline water. One of the newest, craziest sounding trends around. Whether or not you paid attention in chemistry class, you may recall that water’s natural pH is 7, with anything below being more acidic and anything above being more alkaline. For years, some experts have encouraged us to eat an alkaline diet, so it follows that now they’re pushing for us to drink alkaline water as well.

Some experts believe that when you drink water that is alkaline, you are able to neutralise the acid in your body. When you do this, you are also able to regulate your own bodily pH levels, which is said to lead to a whole host of health benefits. These can include the fighting of free radicals that damage DNA and cells in the body.

Additionally, alkaline water is rich in hydrogen and electrolytically-reduced. Studies have also shown that drinking alkaline water can help with reflux and even help minimise the negative effects of high blood pressure, elevated lipids and high blood sugar. Not bad, huh?

Curious about other potential benefits? Here are just a few:


- Has colon-cleansing properties

- Supportive of the immune system

- Encourages weight loss

- Helps promote cancer resistance

- Improves hydration

- Promotes better skin health

- Furthers detoxification in the body

- Has anti-aging properties


    That being said, it’s still important to be cautious, as too much alkalinity in the body can have adverse effects. You should also opt for alkaline water that has been alkalised with a machine, like Kangen, because bottled alkaline water contain none of the beneficial hydrogen that you’d look for. Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule, it diffuses extremely quickly through plastic. So, if you’re not making your alkaline water at home, be sure to store it in a glass or metal container.

    All in all, alkaline water is an intriguing trend that does have many reported benefits. But no matter what you do, you’ve gotta hydrate! Even if it’s straight from the tap.