in | 30 Aug 2017

Want thicker hair and stronger nails? Live by the moon cycles

We can all appreciate the power of the moon. It influences the tides of the oceans and also affects our moods and emotions. One just has to gaze at moonlight against an inky black sky to feel enchanted and in awe of its mystical ways.

Many believe the moon should play a role in our beauty regime. Like the salty seas, our bodies are predominantly water. If the moon can govern the tides of our own bodies, can you utilise the phases of the moon for cell growth and repair? Get more in touch with the universe. Live by the moon, here's how. 


This is the growing phase. Want longer thicker hair? Cut it during a waxing moon to encourage growth. Ditto for nails. Our bodies absorb efficiently in this moon cycle so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Coconut water anyone? Also amp up the dosage of fresh fruit and veggies. Grab a potent green juice like the MOAJ.


This is a magical moon time, it's the time to be seen. Glam up your look when you go out. It's also the best time to book a facial in. You don't have to tell us twice. Emotions can be heightened, so take a relaxing bath if your lucky enough to have one. Otherwise treat your to a long sauna at your local pool. During this time it's important to get your beauty sleep, so maybe don't party all night long.


This is the phase of replenishment and time for all that life beauty maintenance. Hair growth is slower so get your brows shaped and wax or shave those legs. Dye your hair, it'll last longer. Exfoliate to clear your skin and improve circulation. Get a pedicure or manicure, you'll keep nice nails longer.


The sun and moon are aligned and it signals a time of new beginnings. Start that new skincare range. Book in that detox. Set that lifestyle resolution into place. You may be surprised to realise your body and mind respond better.

The moon is now waxing, so book in that haircut and brow shape quick smart. The next full moon is the 6th of September, so ponder the idea of doing a cleanse and think about any other changes to your beauty regime you want to put in place.