in | 13 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day: The Final Countdown

We like to think we’re super prepared. We fancy ourselves those types of people who are super on top of everything, ready for anything. But occasionally, we… are a little less than prepared. Today is just such an occasion.


We were going about our business as usual when suddenly we caught a glimpse of the calendar. February 13th. Oh no! Somehow, we realised we’ve let Valentine’s Day sneak up on us yet again, and here we are, as usual, woefully unprepared.


Though not everyone has a significant other to celebrate with on February 14th, everyone deserves a little love. Romantic love, platonic love and self-love. They’re all good in our books.


So if you’re ready to celebrate what makes the world go round (that’s love, obviously) but are scrambling today, we’ve got some amazing ideas to help you out. We’re giving you our list of the best last-minute Valentine’s ideas. Because we love you, of course!


Make a card. So many of the store-bought ones are just too cheesy or can’t really capture how you feel about that special someone. Spend a little time making your own. If it comes from the heart, it’s sure to be appreciated.


Become a master chef. The way to the heart is through the stomach. Skip the crowds and whip up a beautiful home cooked meal for the one(s) you love.


Forget the chef’s hat and make reservations. Not confident in the kitchen or want to avoid smelling like garlic? Make reservations at your lover’s favourite restaurant. Everyone looks good in candlelight.


Show your support. With a little support for your girl’s girls! Pick out some gorgeous lingerie from Love Stories that will help her feel her most beautiful.


Just like the movies. When it comes to dates, we love a good, old-fashioned movie date. When we want it to be extra special, we go to the most romantic cinema in town, The Movies. Book two tickets and live out your rom-com dreams.


Take care of their heart. Is there anything more romantic than giving the gift of health? Hear us out. You want to spend your whole lives together, so making those lives last a little longer means more time together. Romantic, no? Pick up a gift card for your sweetheart to show how much you love them.


Great sex. Wait what?! That’s right! Pick up our newest Smoothie of the Month, The Great Sex, and get ready to get down to business. Full of aphrodisiac ingredients like strawberries, maca and shatavari, it’s sure to give you the best Valentine’s Day between the sheets.


Treat yourself. While most of those seemed geared to those in relationships, you can certainly adopt them if you’re loving and living that single life. Cook yourself a wonderful meal or go out to dinner with your BFF. Buy yourself that lingerie! If none of those sound appealing, we highly recommend treating yourself to a wonderful evening of self-care complete with face masks, something indulgent delivered (we suggest our Lasagna and a Salted Caramel Bar or two) and a Netflix marathon.