in WATCH | 02 Mar 2017

You tossed it out, without a care. Is it killing you slowly?


Have you seen the documentary A Plastic Ocean?

Every year 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans.

By 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish.

We see seals choking, a dolphin munching on a bag, and an albatross vomitting a cigarette lighter.

Perhaps the part that surprises us the most is that this not only impacts marine life but us humans too.

Yes that's right us.

The toxic molecules of plastic are in the fish we eat. It's literally making us ill. 

Scientists believe exposure to plastic chemicals is adding to cancers, and hormonal, fertility, and metabolic issues. The list goes on.

"The biggest message of this film is that everyone, everywhere, was sold a dishonest marketing concept: that we could use plastic, throw it away and it would be gone forever... And what we want everyone to understand is that there is no 'away.'" -  Craig Leeson (Director)

This documentary was horrific. Eye opening. Shocking. But hopeful. We as consumers have a voice, and can make a difference.

A Plastic Ocean was a great push and reminder for us at The Cold Pressed Juicery to keep moving to be the most environmentally friendly company we can be.

What we're currently doing:

All our straws are made from plants.

Our napkins are made from recycled paper.

We recycle all of our plastic.

We have a special contract with the government. They reuse it to make new plastic.

We offer a discount on smoothies if people bring their own cup. 

The goals we're working towards this year:

We are switching to RPET bottles that are better for the environment. These will also be recycled. 

We will switch to paper and organic cotton bags in store.

We will get rid of any other plastic packaging we still use for salted caramel and the granola.

Have a watch of A Plastic Ocean. Be blown away by the majestic nature of blue whales and the vastness of our oceans.

Then think about the part you can play. What will your goals be? How can you make the world a cleaner place? 

Not only for yourself. Not only for our marine life. Not only for our planet. For the future generations who will continue to walk on this planet, and hope to experience the wonder of swimming in our oceans.