in | 30 Nov 2017

The Realness of Crystals

Precious stones are not hard to appreciate for their aesthetic value. To some, often more  sensitive beings, they seem to be soothing more than just their eyes. Gems can be a guide or a tool to help them heal and harness their energy. To others, more pragmatic realists, this can seem like some delusional ‘woo woo’ witchcraft. I mean, I’m sorry, we’re talking about metaphysical healing properties of… stones? Yes, we are. Then how? Here are two perspectives that might land with you. 


A common explanation for the power of crystals is found in the way they are arranged at a molecular level. Bear with me. The structure of these stones is at such a high order, they are scientifically the most ordered of all physical matter found in mother nature. Now we won't get too deep into the wonderful world of frequencies, but from this point of view, let’s state that everything operates and exists at a certain vibration, whether that’s from a state of flux or not.  



A simple way to see it; when you’re angry, you’ll feel your heart beating faster, meaning the air around is effected by a different frequency than it would be when you are, for example, asleep, when your heart beats a lot slower. Combined with your own unique molecular structure, you emanate a different vibration with every mood or state. Working from the principle that every cell in the body vibrates at a specific frequency, and that crystals oscillate at such a balanced and constant frequency, because of their ancient and cohesive molecular structure, crystals could have a balancing effect on the vibrations of the human energy field, and return it to its natural state.

The Power of Belief
If you’re not so into vibrations (which is absolutely fair), this can seem a bit too wavey. There’s another way to rationally look at the effect of crystals. You must have heard of the placebo effect. If you want scientifics, there’s enough research to be found that support the fact that our minds can affect our reality. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, explains, “when the brain expects a treatment to work, it will send healing chemicals into the bloodstream, which facilitates that. That’s why the placebo effect is so powerful for every type of healing.”


Let’s say you start carrying a precious stone because you are so stressed at work, and want to keep it together. The fact that you are carrying something that might be helping you into that direction, might give your brain the confidence to actually not lose it's cool. After a few months of practicing with this stone, you start to recognize the way it seemed to be guiding you (you may call it an energy, if you will) and even when you don’t carry it with you physically, you carry with you the feeling it brought about. That’s mind over matter, which can be seen as magical, energetic, spiritual, but when it’s a scientifically supported effect on your brain, also as pretty real.


Where to buy?
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