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Chakras. The bodily centers of activity, receiving, assimilating, and expressing life force energy. Allowing prana to flow. The word chakra literally means ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’, and refer to spheres of bioenergetic activity in our body. Each chakra is linked to its part of human awareness. Blockages can cause imbalances on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Still there? Bless you, and bear with me, as we have some accessible pointers that might sit with you. Because where did that lump in your throat, pit in your stomach, or heavy heart come from? I used to be sceptical (the concept of seven energy vortexes spinning in your body can sound a little extra), up until very recently, as I keep finding synchronicities and even practicalities between the chakra system and my own daily life. Balancing them is making me reap all sorts of benefits in my perception of reality, internally as well as externally.

The welfare.

It is believed you can get physically, intellectually and emotionally more stable. Your creative, mental, sexual, hormonal health can improve. You generally become more balanced, and as the electromagnetic field around you strengthens, you become more attractive. Basically, your vibration can only go up, up and beyond (while you stay rooted firm, firm on the ground). And even without that 'spiritual' part, when perceived as a psychological blueprint, it can serve us as source of inspiration and direction. Where could I lay my focus on to stabilize or grow, processing the past, living here today, ambitioning the future?


The theories.

Sometimes we need to think outside of the box to hack our own (dysfunctional) (belief) system. Reflecting on and observing our own patterns is never a bad idea, and to have an ancient sequence set-up for you to flow by, could be a helpful tool. The observation that  'everything is energy' can be found in many theories, including Albert Einsteins most important finding and formula. According to quantum physics, the mere act of observation causes energy waves to change. You might know the saying, energy flows where attention goes. From a biological perspective, there is a funny coincedence that our physical glands, which produce and regulate our hormones (and therefore wellbeing), happen to be located just at about the same areas as each individual chakra. Could it be that in ancient India, people were just lacking equipment to verbalize their philosophies in a way we can relate to from a modern day western perspective?

I’m just gonna leave that there. Enough contemplating, time spin the wheel (;). We’re gonna work our way up, floor to ceiling, ground to heaven, root to crown.


First: the Root Chakra, base of the spine

Element: earth

Colour: red

Prime function: physical - grounds us in security and safety by covering the  foundational basics

Focus: our physical needs (food, water, shelter, hygiene), our emotional needs (letting go of fear, having healthy boundries), and our money, career

Balanced: calm, grounded, connected to our physical body

Imbalanced: stress, anxiety, problematic eating, excessive lust

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Second: the Sacral chakra, beneath the navel

Element: water

Colour: orange

Prime function: creative, sexual - flows us along emotions, change and relationships with sensitivity and sensuality

Focus: pleasure, desire, intimacy

Balanced: a healthy sex drive, creative, respectful of the body, emotionally stable

Imbalanced: overindulgent, overly emotional, creative or sexual blockages

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Third: the Solar Plexus, centre of the belly

Element: fire

Colour: yellow

Prime function: identity - empowers our energy and sense of self with our inner strength

Focus: power, confidence, purpose

Balanced: dedicated, confident, energetic

Imbalanced: laziness or low self-esteem

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Fourth: the Heart Chakra, at the heart space

Element: air

Colour: green, pink

Prime function: social - connects us to love and compassion with warmth and forgiveness

Focus: sharing and trust

Balanced: positive, stable and grateful

Imbalanced: depression, loneliness, envy

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Fifth: the Throat Chakra, in the throat area

Element: ether (space)

Colour: aqua blue

Prime function: expression - communicates our truth through speech and other forms of expression

Focus: openness

Balanced: honest, expressive, faithful

Imbalanced: creative and emotional blockages (remember the lump in your throat?), isolation

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Sixth: the Third Eye, between the eyebrows

Element: light

Colour: indigo

Prime function: mental - making us understand our intuition through insight and clairvoyance

Focus: awareness, imagination

Balanced: focused, clear, authentic

Imbalanced: indecisive, impatient

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Seventh: the Crown Chakra, just above the head

Element: thought, all

Colour: violet

Prime function: spiritual - enlightens our connection to the universe through higher consciousness

Focus: cosmic love and compassion

Balanced: connected, inspired

Imbalanced: unpresent, excessive pride

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How to balance them.

Keep in mind that they are all linked, and touching one will effect the others. This is why it is advised to always start building from the root up, find your fluidity in the second, your power in the third, your capacity to love in the fourth, from there work on how to express yourself, how to channel your intuition, and finally this will make you hit the cosmic connection.

- Youtube: there is enough to complain about our lives directed through screens, but at the same time, there is more at our fingertips than ever. If you look up the chakra you would like to focus on, you can find 9 hour long videos of music at a neutralizing frequency for that specific chakra to sleep with, or guided meditations, visualizations and affirmations that focus on the psychological aspects of the imbalance.

- Colour: focussing on the colour of the chakra you want to balance can manifest in lighting candles in that colour, eating foods in that colour, the way you dress yourself, your sheets, anything. If you're not really feeling like eating a strawberry (red, first chakra) will make you feel grounded á la minute, try seeing it as reminder of what you are focussing on.

- Kundalini yoga: every form of movement or breathwork will have a neutralizing effect, but kundalini is specifically beneficial when working with your energy field and the chakra's.