in EAT | 29 May 2017

The elusive pink dragon fruit is in town. Know the secret way to eat it?


No myth, the elusive pink Dragon fruit is in Amsterdam. Men, women and children are flocking to see this rare organic species. The verdict is out, everyone who has had a taste wants a little bit more.

This enchanting fruit will allure you with its magical properties. Known for its ability to make skin and hair glow, you might just be channeling your inner princess or prince before you know it.

We’re proud to have caught the first of its kind, our Dragon Bowl is the first pink dragon fruit in the whole of Europe. We know this for a fact as customs told us. They spent quite awhile closely inspecting this exotic find harking all the way from Vietnam.

Our pink dragon fruit is prettier and more powerful than ever. Caught from a cactus plant, its pink skin resembles the scales of a dragon. The oh so bright colour is a reflection of its unique photonutrient make up and the high concentration of vitamins and nutrients. This rare organic species may just be the treasure you were looking for. What you’ll really love it for is what’s on the inside.  

Known to the common folk as Pitaya, it will breath fire into your health life. With a potent brew of antioxidants, vitamins, carotene, protein and fibre it’s blows other superfoods into the canals with its fiery punch.

Legends are based on true stories. Vitamin C skin will be a salvation to your skin this summer, hydrating and minimising sun damage. Pitaya lowers cholesterol, whilst simultaneously the good fats boost heart health. It strengthens the immune system, and will fit weight loss on your behalf. What a knight in shining (pink) armour.

This dangerously delicious bowl features 100% pure organic pink pitaya, raspberries, mango, pineapple and coconut. There’s no added water or sugar, so it’s naturally potent and naturally sweet. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, as an afternoon snack or even dessert.

Don’t be afraid of dragons, the taste is mild - like a mix of kiwi and pear. Our secret ingredient that will blow your tastebuds is the passionfruit in combo with the pitaya. We like to add a spoonful with each bite of this delicious bowl. How do you eat yours?