in | 21 Mar 2017

Amsterdam hotspots for spring shaping


Spring into action and get your summer body ready. Make the most of the energy burst the warmer weather brings and get active. We've collated some of the coolest work out options to make fitness fun this spring in Amsterdam.



It's our tried and tested favourite. You'll see loads of our staff frolicking in the vicinity in their active wear, sipping on juices. When working out feels like being in a dance club you know you're onto a good thing. Wanting toned abs, arms, and buns? This is the work out sure to please him and her. Try their first time offer €18 for two classes for you, and one for a friend.



The weather is beautiful, so get outdoors and be inspired by certified trainers. We're heard good things about The Bootcamp Club. Choose from a wealth of locations across Amsterdam's many green spaces. It's interval training with a lot of cardio, so it'll get your heart beating and your blood pumping. Request the free trial, then it's €30 euro a month for unlimited workouts.

Studio 191

Barre classes are the new kid on the exercise block, if you haven't heard of them yet you've been missing out. Ballet meets yoga meets pilates, and they enjoy some good tunes together. We love the classes at the boutique Studio 191 in De Pijp. Whilst they are predominantly female, men barre too.  Also tried surf yoga? This studio surfing may be the closest you'll get to surfing in the city. Both are an excellent core work out, and also give ample butt lift and leg definition. Try their five class two week intro pass for €30.

Delight Yoga

Nothing like yoga and meditation to keep the mind and body healthy. Our friends at Delight Yoga always have top quality classes and unique selection of workshops. Their meditation workshop for busy business people on the 2nd of April also includes a day at the Akasha Spa so you can sweat out those toxins, and streamline your body from within. If you're new, try the €50 ten session yoga pass.

De Amsterdam Manege

Want to try something fun and different? What about an outdoor horse ride through Amsterdam's forest on a Sunday morning? It's a stunning backdrop in spring, and gets you active in fresh environment. Adults and kids can both enjoy this activity which starts from €20.

Aerial dance classes

We've seen snaps all over Instagram, and it's one of those revered things you'd love to be able to master. Gravity actually helps with flexibility and strength, so you may have found your true dance calling. The folks at Rasa Lila have a range of aerial classes with some specifically for beginners so there's no excuses. If aerial dancing is perhaps too exotic, they also do regular dance classes. Try out their into unlimited €45 newbee month pass.


Don't limit the workouts to three days a week, this spring try incorporate exercise and an active mentality into your daily life. Cycle daily. Walk when you can. Skip, jog, run and make the most of the warmer weather.