in THINK | 21 Mar 2017

This will change too


Spring is the opportune time to rethink life, ponder goals and let the positivity that's in the air seep on in. Mentally clear out the hues of winter blues and let the warmer weather, sunshine and fresh air stimulate a clear mind.

The symbol of spring, the cheerful daffodil is already blooming all over the Netherlands. Think back into the not so distant past when they were just tiny sprouts of greenery. These small green blades were the image of potential. The hallmark of the cusp of spring. We saw them, we recognised them, but still struggled to believe winter was on its last legs. We clung onto our beanies, and woollen coats and waited.

Now as spring flowers are littering the footpaths we've had the visual confirmation we needed. All of a sudden people are outdoors. The smell of spring is in the air. As the temperature has warmed, the terraces are packed, everyone's jovial, and you can feel the new mood in the air.

Spring is a time of inspiration, even the birds are chirping. You can look to the future with a sense of wonder. If you close your eyes you can almost feel the warmth of a summer's day, visualise the salty mediterranean encompassing your body. Remember the sensation of having hot sand between your toes, and the feeling of sun-kissed skin.

Spring is a metaphor for the transitions in life. Often transient periods are what give us the most grief, as they are out of our control. We like to be able to foresee the future. But such times illustrate the importance of trusting in the process. Daffodils take a long time to germinate. They also wilt. Yet they don't rip out their petals, they accept this is all part of life.

Spring highlights the impermanence of things. "Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade." - Charles Dickens. We can see the summer ahead, but also feel the winter behind us. Nothing in life is concrete, everything comes and goes. Some of life's best go by this principal - love and friendships. When we find something good we want to latch onto it, but often the very act of doing so encourages it to slip through our fingers. We are actually better able to appreciate things when we accept they can be fleeting. Take pleasure in the now, appreciate the temporary. 

Spring reminds us to let go. Winter has gone, summer brings with it freshness and a new lease. Let go of people, dramas, and things that drain your energy. Focus on what uplifts you and unwittingly makes you smile.

Spring illustrates the importance of tenacity. Seeds, like most things in life, bloom in time if we nurture them, and give them the space they need. It takes patience, persistence, and work.

You planted the seeds of resolution in January, hopefully you're now seeing some of the fruits of your labour. Embracing a holistic lifestyle? Being more active? Eating well? Taking time to yourself?... Feeling the difference?

What better time of the year to re-examine your life and goals. Where do you see this year taking you? When you look back in nine months time what do you want to have achieved? What do you want to be proud of?

Revelations and epiphanies usually hit when you're open to them. Embrace creativity, get messy and go large. Think oversized sheets of paper, crayons, coloured felt pens, chalk boards whatever it is you have on hand and whatever it is that inspires you. Write words, draw images, play with ideas and visualise.

Whether they are career, travel, relational or personal goals let your creative juices flow. Brainstorm and highlight the priorities you want for your own growth and development this year.

What is a successful daffodil? Is it the tallest? The brightest? The strongest? The successful daffodil is the one that understands the cycle of life. It is beautiful and content in its moment of glory, but willing to let go when the heat of summer sets in.

As the daffodils wilt, don't fret, tulip season is still to come.