in | 27 Feb 2020

Spice Up Your Life

What is life without a little flavour? Dull and lifeless, that’s what. Here at The Cold Pressed Juicery, we think flavour and health are king and queen when it comes to food. That’s why every single thing we serve is not only amazing for your body but also tastes so damn good.


We know that putting together delicious and healthy meals can be tricky sometimes. It takes time, thought and effort, and sometimes, we just don’t have it all together to do it each and every night. But luckily, if you’ve got a few amazing, nutrient-dense condiments in your tool belt, living that healthy lifestyle is a cinch.


Get ready ‘cause we’re going shopping.


Coconut Aminos

When you have a hankering for Asian food or simply want to add a bit of savoury depth to a dish, you might normally reach for soy sauce. Instead, we recommend going for coconut aminos, as they are gluten-free, have less sodium and are totally delicious.


Nutritional Yeast

We love when something is salty, savoury and cheesy, but because we’re all about that plant-based lifestyle, we wanted something that delivered that same flavour-packed punch without harming the environment, animals or our bodies. Enter: nutritional yeast. This powerhouse seasoning ups the ante on any dish and also boasts a boatload of B vitamins.



Ah, yes. That good, old golden standby. This low-calorie condiment brings so much flavour to anything you put it in. We particularly love a little squeezed into homemade dressings, as it boosts the flavour and helps it emulsify.


This is not Cream Cheese

Want to make something rich and creamy? Who needs real cream or dairy! Amazing plant-based cheese company Willicroft has an incredible selection of cheeses from parmesan to truffle cheese sauce. That being said, we’re particularly fond of This is not Cream Cheese, as it pairs well with just about anything!



Sometimes we like our food a little funky, and when the mood strikes, we always reach for kimchi. Fermented foods are also great for the gut so you’ll benefit your belly and your taste buds when you add it to fried cauliflower rice or add a scoop to your Gone Nuts Kelp Noodle Salad.



Making sure food has textural interest is an essential part of creating delicious, crave-able dishes. When we make smoothies, oatmeal or n’ice cream at home, we never enjoy it without a handful (or five!) of one of our amazing rawnolas!