in EAT | 10 Apr 2017

How to make your fav smoothie into a bowl

Looking to spice up your Juicery favourites? We've brainstormed a few ways to get creative and amp up your regular smoothie or pudding.


Instagram is going crazy for the smoothie bowls. Want to get involved? Ask for your favourite smoothie in store, requesting it a little thicker than usual. Pour it in a bowl, and decorate it with slices of fruit, our raw granola, shredded coconut, superfoods, nuts. Go wild. Not only will it taste divine, but it'll be oh so photogenic. 


Buy one of our Chia Seed puddings. Get the berry of your choice, and heat them up. Put the pudding in a bowl, and sprinkle the berries on top. Voila, enjoy!

Mix the following:

1x tablespoon of a nut butter

2x tablespoons of raw Cacao

2x tablespoons of melted coconut oil

Combine and drizzle over the Banoffe for a chocolatey nutty treat. Mmmm.

Got any more good ideas? We'd love to hear them.