in | 30 Aug 2017

EAT PLAY LAY. The secret formula to getting that blissful slumber

Eat, play & lay your way to a more peaceful night's sleep.


Sleeping easy could be as simple as what you're eating. Endeavour to eat foods high in tryptophan (it converts to melatonin and serotonin) which causes drowsiness and helps regulate your body clock. Magnesium helps relax the muscles and mind. Things like bananas, almonds, oats, cherries and honey all tick the boxes, sounds a little bit like breakfast before bed to us. Dinner smoothie bowl anyone? Alcohol, sugar, coffee, spicy food and cheese are all best avoided late in the evening.


Dedicate some time earlier in the day to exercising, it'll make you feel physically tired. Reading may not sound overly fun or sexy, but there's some advantages to tucking into that old school paperback novel. If you stop looking at all screens an hour before you go to sleep you'll nod off faster. Perhaps saucier than books, sexual intimacy releases the hormone oxytocin which will lull into a breezy sleep. Got a cuddle buddy?


It's also what your sleeping on. Have you tried sleeping on nature? #sleeponnature is the tagline of Cocomat. They use natural raw materials sourced locally in Europe - natural plastics, coconut fiber, cottons, wools and even seaweed. Their mattress doesn't use springs, which provides a more even support for the body and it has four tiers - each with its own unique purpose. They also have 12 pillows, one size should never fit all. You can sleep with a clear conscious knowing they are sustainably made and have a low carbon footprint. 

How have you been sleeping? Through a case of trial and error put some of these theories to the test and let us know how you get on. Keep a journal by your bed. If sleeping deeply you may have some lucid dreams and who knows what your subconscious would like to tell you.