in | 12 Oct 2017


This one is dedicated to all you runners out there - especially the brave souls who are going to compete Saturday the 15th of October, the day the 5 runs of the Amsterdam Marathon will take place. From the Kids Marathon, the Mini Marathon, the 8 k, the Half Marathon, all the way to the full 42.195 km Marathon, we at the Juicery salute you, and are here to help. Here’s what to you need to know on how to prepare, how to keep the fire burning during, and how to best cool it down post run. Oh, and we’ve got a very juicy surprise gift for you when you make it past that finish line…


Weeks before


Practice makes perfect, so while you are training your body, start experimenting with what meals work and feel best for you. Aim for a light dinner the night before a running day (think salads, soups, one of our raw wraps), and a bigger breakfast on the day itself. Breakfast should ideally be eaten 2,5-4 hours before your run.


 Days before


This is where you start increasing your carbohydrate intake. Carbs are friends, remember?. You definitely want to carb it up when you are going to ask your body for energy like this. Carbs will fuel your muscle glycogen levels, which provide the most accessible source of energy for your body, and prevents the notorious ‘hitting a wall’-moment. This doesn’t mean you should just stuff your face with bread and pasta for a few days. Rather, make sure that a bigger part of your daily diet consists of carbs, a medium amount of protein, and lower part fat.Slow releasing carbs like oats, whole wheat grains and low fiber-fruits is what you’re looking for. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself permission to finish the whole tub of our PB and Salted Caramel Steal Cut oats, a symphony of salted caramel covered complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Make sure you also have the right gear to increase movement and decrease the risk of injuries. Deblon Sports, Nike, and Lululemon are some of our favourite activewear brands!


 Race day


All ready for your big day? Today is all about high energy and hydration. Have your standard, carbohydrate-rich breakfast of champs in the morning, at a timing you tried and tested. And then it’s go time. During your run, you will need some energy intake every hour. Stray away from high fiber fats and protein to keep it easy on the digestion. Since you will also need to replenish your body with fluids to try and match your sweat loss, our juices kill two birds with one bottle. They hydrate, but also provide digested carbohydrates. The Iron man is a great one for endurance. Another nutrient you don’t want to miss are electrolytes, which are salts and minerals that control the fluid balance of the body, but also muscle contraction and energy generation. Coconut water is the celebrity on the shelf in this case. It has all of the above, including more potassium than four banana’s (!).


 After the storm (there’s a rainbow)


YOU DID IT! You’re a rockstar now, so treat yourself like one - Juicery style. We understand that after all this hard work you might be longing for something a little less healthy. However, the window of 30 minutes after you finish is prime time to restore your body’s carbohydrate stores and repair muscles with protein. Smoothies like the Mango Green Protein or the Sh*t are rich enough to cover all of that. The Pret-A-Protein or The  Fix are great post workout fuels too. Ice baths and foam rolling are great for post-run recovery


Remember that gift we mentioned earlier? If you show us your medal on the day of the Marathon or the day after, you get a JUICE ON US! Come and get it at one of our stores, it’s our token of respect towards you. I told you we were here to help, cheers to your victory!