in | 30 May 2019


Scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers. A whiff of a certain scent can take you back to another time, another place. We adore a good perfume. It can really make an outfit feel special or help put you in a specific mood. A good perfume is magical.

Naturally, we always prefer a gorgeous, natural perfume. Though not everyone is aware, traditional fragrances are packed full of chemicals and irritants that are bad for you, your skin and the environment. And that’s why we adore Abel.

Local fragrance house Abel Odor is a Cold Pressed Juicery kinred spirit. Their mission to create the world's best 100% natural perfume without compromising on ethics or aesthetics is so closely aligned with our own that we are very excited to be bringing you the opportunity to try their fragrances. Juice cleanse throughout June and receive a complimentary Abel discovery setwhich includes a sample vial of each of the seven Abel perfumes in a beautifully designed box set. 

With your amazing, refreshing cleanse, you’ll get to enjoy a whole host of beautiful fragrances. You’ll get a 1.5 ml sample vial of white vetiver, golden neroli, red santal, cobalt amber, green cedar, pink iris and grey labdanum. These natural perfumes evolve on the skin, so you can mix and match them at home to create your own unique scent.


Wondering what the benefits of natural perfume are? Well, keep reading.

Using essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances can actually bring you both physical and emotional healing properties. You can expect mood-lifting, calming, energising or relaxing effects depending on what you’re wearing that day.


Organic perfumes like Abel contain no ingredients that were grown with pesticides, toxins or chemicals. That means you won’t increase skin sensitivity or environmental damage.


The synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals that cause nausea, migraines and lung irritation are noticeably absent from natural fragrances. This means you’ll smell and feel good.


Natural perfumes, including Abel, are not tested on animals, so they are in keeping with our planet-friendly vegan ethos at The Cold Pressed Juicery.


At Abel, 1% of all of their profits go back to the earth. They send 1% of all revenue to a fantastic selection of not-for-profit environmental organisations.


Mixing two synthetic perfumes often results in an unpleasant scent reaction, while you are free to layer natural, organic scents as you wish, depending on your mood. It will always smell beautiful.


Traditional perfumes that aren’t natural actually mask the skin. Organic, natural perfumes work with the wearer to create a truly unique scent. No two Abel wearers will smell the same.


So, what are you waiting for? Call or email us today to order your juice cleanse and secure your Abel discovery set.