in | 17 Aug 2017

Private pregnancy nutrition with an expert for only €10


Our very own in house nutritionist Sharon Looyen is a pregnancy expert. She's running an event specially formulated for mum's with buns in their tums. Ask any questions you may have so you feel your best. Make sure your baby is healthy and getting the nutrients it needs. Learn how to recover and get fit after delivery. Only €10 per person, bring a partner or friend for free. We've also throwing in some juicery products on the house.

Where: The Cold Pressed Juicery - Prinsengracht 154 - Amsterdam

When: 14th of September 2017. 19.00-21.00. 

How much? €10 Euro. Please bring your friend/husband for free.

What to expect: All the information you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy. It's a intimate group, so there will be time to answer everyone's questions.

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To read more about Sharon's background in nutrition read our interview we did with her here. Below she talks during pregnancy and a little more on what to expect from the event. 


My name is Sharon Looyen. I know all about the power of nutrition having studied orthomolecular nutrition and colon therapy. I'm a strong believer in the power of your intestinal flora and the effect of nutrition during pregnancy. I 34 years old and have a healthy daughter of 13 months. I had a great pregnancy, partly because of my diet and lifestyle which I adjusted during my pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Improve your intestinal flora

Your gut flora controls 80% of your immune system. It impacts your skin, hair, general health, energy, fertility and digestion. In pregnancy you're directly connected to your baby. Your nutrition intake and lifestyle is the only control you have, the rest is beyond your power. Your baby has a sterile intestinal flora in the womb. During a vaginal birth you give a part of your intestinal flora to your child. This is done primarily through your own intestinal flora, skin contact and breastfeeding. Therefore, it is really crucial to pay extra attention to your gut during the last phase of your pregnancy.

Conscious diet during pregnancy

For nine months you share your body and food with your baby. Everything you put into your mouth reaches him. That's why it is important to choose products that will not only support your baby's growth, but also builds up a strong immune system for the both of you. So rather than focusing on what you CAN NOT eat during pregnancy, I'll help you to focus on what you SHOULD eat. 

I believe that nutrition and lifestyle provide the foundation of your babies health. If you eat consciously, you give your baby the best possible start in life.


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