in | 03 Oct 2019


Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Sonny and Cher. Michelle and Barack. Everybody loves a power couple. Because everyone knows that it takes two to tango. And while this is obviously true for relationships, it turns out it’s also true for healthy eating. As with England and Scotland, some foods are really just #BetterTogether. And not just when it comes to taste!


Some recent studies have come out that prove certain nutrients should be bound at the hip, that these nutrients really are at their best when in these “power couples.” Think of them as culinary BFFs. So, what are these dynamic duos? We break them down here so you can get in on the action.


Sodium + Potassium

No matter where you look, salt is likely hiding somewhere inside, particularly in all of the pre-packaged foods many of us eat when we’re on-the-go or too busy to cook. On average, people are eating almost three times more sodium than our recommended daily amount. So how do we counteract this unhealthy consumption? Eat more potassium. Potassium actually encourages the kidneys to get rid of sodium, and a diet high in potassium is correlated to lower, healthier blood pressure. So when you’re hankering for something super salty, make sure you also up your intake of veggies and fruit like bananas. Try The Sinner or The Power Breaky.


Calcium + Vitamin D

Though we’re not really drinking gallons of milk anymore these days, calcium is still very important for building strong bones. But in reality, calcium is not the total picture. These days, we know it’s just as important to be getting ample vitamin D, as it aids the small intestine in absorbing all that calcium we’re consuming. Mushrooms are a great way to get vitamin D through food, but we also recommend taking a supplement to make sure you’re getting the right amount.


Vitamin B12 + Folate

Though it may also be one if the eight B vitamins, folate is not the same as vitamin B12. And we actually need ample amounts of both to be nutrition superstars. B12 actually helps the body to absorb folate. When you consume both, you are able to support cell division and replication in the body, which is essential for replacing dead cells. Those eating a plant-based diet will struggle more to get enough, so it’s important to add some supplements to your routine!