in | 05 Sep 2019


We’re not really sure how, but veganism has gotten a bit of a bad rap. It’s boring. It’s difficult. It’s expensive. Name a complaint, and we’ve heard it. But we’re here to prove to you that these things are just not true. If you’ve eaten anything from The Cold Pressed Juicery, you’ve already eaten plant-based. Now, how hard was that? And, if we do say so ourselves, you probably realised that eating plant-based is pretty damn delicious. Just look at all of the gorgeous, incredible ingredients in any of our products! Diversity is delicious.

We figured that, since you’re reading this, you probably already knew that eating a healthy, plant-based diet wasn’t all that hard and was just as tasty (if not more so) than your typical diet. But there’s still that one last qualm. It seems expensive.

And you know what? We get it. For those transitioning from your standard diet to a plant-based one, opting for fake ground meat and vegan cheese substitutes may seem like the easier choice. Then, you’ll never have to really give up anything! But these products are not only less healthy but also wayyyy more expensive. If you build your plant-based diet on processed, packaged foods, you’re likely to break the bank in no time.

But if you re-evaluate what you’re eating and focus on nutrient-dense whole foods, you’ll actually save money by changing the way you eat. Beans, rice and vegetables are all the pillars of a fulfilling and delicious plant-based diet, and these things also happen to be some of the cheapest things you can buy in the supermarket. You may have ignored them for fancier, more exciting things in the past, but with the right spices and cooking methods, these simple staples can be totally craveable. 

Alright, alright, you’re convinced. The only thing left is to get the low-down on how to eat plant-based on a budget. With these simple steps, you can make your body, the planet and your wallet as happy as can be.

  1. Bulk up. No, no. We aren’t suggesting you hit the gym and guzzle protein powder. We’re talking about the bulk bins at your supermarkets. Or, take things one step further and head to Delicious Food, an incredible organic grocer that focuses on zero waste and celebrates the bulk bin lifestyle. Bulk shopping is almost always cheaper for beans, nuts, seeds and grains than the pre-packaged stuff you get at the Albert Heijn.
  2. Get schooled. With a few simple techniques and a bit of practice, you can easily break out of the “meat and veggies” formula you might have grown up with. Check out a few amazing blogs to get inspiration or step-by-step instructions.
  3. Prepare for emergencies.Sometimes, you just won’t have the time or energy to prepare a wholesome, plant-based meal. For times like these, it’s important to be prepared. We always stock our freezer with a couple containers of our Seasonal Vegan Soups and a Lasagna or two so plant-based eating is as convenient as possible.
  4. Travel the world. Or at least check out the international supermarkets in the city. Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Latin American markets are great for coconut milk, big blocks of tofu, miso and healthy grains. You’ll also find a huge variety of inexpensive spices to keep things exciting in the kitchen. These supermarkets also tend to be less expensive than more traditional grocery stores.
  5. Deep freeze. Sure, there’s nothing better than fresh, in season produce, but there’s nothing wrong with frozen vegetables, so long as they’re flash-frozen and organic. They are cheap and nutrient-dense and make whipping up a quick stir-fry or grain bowl easy peasy.