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If we could, we’d probably spend all of our time tucked away in a cosy corner of one of our shops. They’re gorgeous and flooded with light and feel calm and luxurious thanks to all of our beautiful plants from Forest Amsterdam. We can always get something nourishing and delicious to eat. The people are lovely. Really, what more could you want?


But there are occasions when we do decide to venture out of our TCPJ home and into the wilds of Amsterdam. Times when we crave something a little different but still just as lovely and welcoming. And when we do, we certainly want them to be places that hold wellness as dear as we do.


We thought it was time to bring you a list of our favourite places in our stunning city to eat, shop, work out and everything in between. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our Healthy Hotstpot Hit-list to take care of your well-being from top to bottom, inside and out.


To Eat Well:


Lavinia Good Food: This colourful, buzzing café smack dab in the middle of the canal belt is a great spot to settle in for a long weekend brunch or an afternoon laptop session, accompanied by a healthy-ish sweet treat. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a number of gluten-free dishes, so you don’t have to worry about staying healthful when you’re here.


Unlimited Health: Don’t get us wrong, we love to do our shopping at sleek Marqt or homey Ekoplaza, but when we’re looking for those hard-to-find superfoods, there’s no better spot than Unlimited Health. When we have the time, we also like to book a session in their infrared sauna for the ultimate detox. If you’re doing one of our cleanses, this is even more beneficial for the deepest detoxification. Have we inspired you to book one? Great! Just shoot us an email to and tell us what level cleanse, number of days and pick-up location you’d like!


Soup en Zo: Sometimes, you get an insane craving for soup, and then you hear the devastating news: our delicious, nourishing soups are sold out on UberEats. The horror! When you’re not up for making your own in one of these dire situations, both locations of Soup en Zo are the place to be. They have a long list of tasty, vegan soups and a small salad bar to help you up your veggie intake.


Rebel Wines: Even the healthiest of the healthy like to indulge in a little celebratory drink every now and again. Unfortunately, however, most wine you can get is packed with nasty things like sulphites and are not produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Don’t worry, we said most wine. That’s why we like to drink beautiful, intriguing natural wines that are produced biodynamically and have minimal chemical and technological interventions. Rebel Wines is the coolest, most exciting place in Amsterdam to pick up your (soon-to-be) favourite natural wines.


Buffet van Odette: Truly one of the most gorgeous restaurants in town and with fresh and delicious food to boot. We love to come here around midday on a beautiful, sunny day to sit on the terrace and dig into their perfectly balanced, wholesome salad buffet.


Yerba: If you’re craving an indulgent yet still healthy brunch, you can feel a bit stuck in Amsterdam. You’re left with either too rich, non-vegan options or things on the totally opposite end of the spectrum. Thankfully, not anymore! Yerba is a sweet, intimate restaurant on a quiet street that serves up inventive vegan dishes that you’ll be sure to come back for again.


To Feel Well:


Rocycle: If you haven’t been yet, now is the time to go. This chic boutique fitness studio is not only a killer workout but also, as they say in the studio, a party on a bike. We particularly like to stop into the Rocycle Centrum studio for a ride because there’s an outpost of The Cold Pressed Juicery right inside. There’s nothing better than a reviving Mango Green Protein after 45 minutes sweating it out on the bike.


Delight: When we aren’t working up a sweat, we like to calm our minds and our bodies with a bit of yoga. One of the most beautiful, lovely studios in town is Delight. They have a few locations dotted around the city, so you can always find a class that’s convenient for you and suits your style of yoga. We particularly love doing a Sunday evening Yin class to end the weekend on a grounding note.


Acupunctuur Centrum Amsterdam: If you haven’t tried cupping or acupuncture yet, what are you waiting for?! These ancient healing methods are fantastic for curing a number of bodily ailments from indigestion to back pain to skin issues. We love this very traditional spot for both acupuncture and cupping. Bonus points: it’s just around the corner from our shop on the Prinsengracht, so you can easily grab a restorative juice after a session.


De Hollandsche Manege: As much as we love a killer workout in a sleek studio, there is certainly something to be said for getting your adrenaline pumping with a little bit of horse riding. There is nothing nicer than to connect to another soul whilst you get a great workout in at the same time.


To Look Well:


Cosmetics & Care: We pay such careful attention to what we put in our bodies that it would be silly to ignore what we’re putting on our bodies, don’t you think? That’s why we like to stock up on our clean beauty essentials from C. Cosmetics & Care, from natural makeup to sulfate-free shampoo and everything in between.


Lavendula: Even us natural beauties still like to get dolled up every now and again. But when we do, we want it to be as clean as the fantastic organic smoothies and juices we drink from TCPJ. Lavendula is one of our favourite natural pharmacies that always has a diverse, full stock of clean makeup and skincare.


Cosmania: If you can’t find what you’re looking for at either C. Cosmetics & Care or Lavendula, then you are sure to discover it at Cosmania. Plus a ton of other wonderful, natural beauty goodies. The best bit? You can peruse their beautifully-designed website from the comfort of your home (or your office!) if you don’t have the time to stop into the store.


To Decorate Well:


Forest Amsterdam: We work with these two lovely ladies for the terrific plants we have in our stores, so you know they have to be good. They are incredible at crafting the perfect combination of plants for a space and ensuring you have the proper tools to take care of them yourself!


Pompon: Surely this has to be one of the most striking flower shops in all of Amsterdam if not the whole country. Dramatic blooms pepper the shop, and the helpful, friendly staff is excellent at helping you choose the right flowers for you.