in | 12 Jan 2017

Our five favourite juicery products to kickstart a year of health



Everyone wants to be more healthy. It is the most cited New Year's resolution. Are you a regular at the juicery but unsure where to start? Here’s five of our favourite products to help create a new you this new year.




We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. C l e a n s e. Repeat after me, cleanse. Want a clean slate to lead you into the new year? A body and brain in optimum function? Cleansing is simply the best way to do all this. It gives your body a rest, provides a much needed detox, and kickstarts wellbeing. Want to clear brain fog? Get energy? Flatten the tummy post the seasonal gluttony? You can thank us later.


If you’re new to cleansing start with a three day medium cleanse. If you’re afraid of being tired or hungry get the Powershot package to help suppress your appetite and boost energy. Seasoned cleansers go for the full monty package - the five day hard cleanse. Day four and five are surprisingly easy once you’re on a roll. And the greener more veggie based juices provide your body with the ultimate alkalising hit.




If you haven’t made the intro yet, meet the E3 Live shot. This little 30ml of nourishment gives you a whopping 65 plus minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids. All this provides an energy and immune system boost. It’s so effective, you can use it to replace that afternoon coffee. E3 Live will give you the energy hit you desire, minus the coffee low and jittery caffeine overload. It may be just what you want to introduce into your daily routine.

But E3 Live is so much more than just a coffee replacement. It balances mood, helps the absorption of other vitamins, aids in heavy metal detoxification, improves recovery time after exercising, and strengthens skin, hair and nails. It is said to be one of the best supplements for brain function, drastically improving mental health and wellbeing. 




The Mango Green is a goddess of green goodness your body will lust after. It contains three super superfoods: hemp seeds, kale and spirulina. All three boast lots of protein, iron and are extremely alkalising. Take Spirulina for example: it’s rumoured little rivals a mere teaspoon of this nutritious algae. It gives you 80% your daily iron needs, and 4g of protein. 

We love greenery, but it’s not all green. Mango not only provides a delectable natural sweetness, it is also full of antioxidants. New research suggests it protects against breast, prostate, colon cancers and leukaemia. This smoothie could be the new thing in your life you never knew you wanted.




We all know those chocolate cravings. Sometimes they come irregularly. Sometimes daily. Often daily. Curb them with a healthy chocolate fix instead. Have you tried our raw bars? Not only are they immensely satisfying, they are also full of goodness. Raw cacao is the world’s richest antioxidant so these treats are actually good for your immune system, hair, skin and energy levels. Keep a stash at home, so you have something on hand for that emergency craving. We know you’ll love them as much as we do. If you happen to eat them all? Your secret is safe with us.

Try a Glow bar (praline hazelnut yumness) or Choco & Things (various flavours, more yumness)




We have frills, bells and whistles in the name of all sorts of vegan treats, but what we always come back to and stand by are our Cold Pressed Juices. These are our backbone, and what we really believe is the number one most effective way to add extra nutrition into your diet. We press fresh day and night. We press in a kitchen below five degrees, which keeps all the enzymes alive and in tact. We do not use high pressure processing (HPP) a pasterisation process that lengthens products shelf life, but in the process kills many vitamins and minerals. That’s why our juices only have a shelf life of 3-4 days. They are simply the best.


Have you tried our new juice yet? The Bedrock is proving to be a popular addition to our range. We’ve squeezed a whole lot of veggies into this one, so it’s perfect for those after a low fruit juice. The good news is sweet potato and paprika are naturally sweet, so the taste is very more-ish.  Find out why sweet potato juices are taking the health world by storm here...


Got questions about any of our other products? Wondering what they are good for? Ask one of our friendly sales staff in store. Here's to a new year and a new you.