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Our Favourite Juice Spots Around the Globe


If it wasn’t for an internationally sprouted inspiration, the Juicery would not be who we are today. We love to travel, and we love to be kindled by ideas, tastes, colours, structures, nutritional benefits and special ingredients. Besides, there’s always a feel of solidarity to visiting another juice shop, like we want to wink at each other, knowing we are all in this together. The desire to flourish health and happiness all around is equal. If you share with us this hunger for conscious and nutritious novelty, we’ve listed our favourite juice spots we’ve come across along our travels so you can have a dreamy sample and a browse from home, to think about where your next journey will take you.



MOON Juice Adaptogenic Beauty + Wellbeing

The fact that they don’t sell juices does not even bother us on the slightest, this one could not be left out. They are known for their self-named ‘plant-sourced alchemy’ through compounds of adaptogens, herbs and roots in the form of dust and powders. You can add these to your juice, smoothie, latte or any form of consumption you prefer. 


- Moon dusts: the beauty, power, sex, brain, spirit and dream dust comes in sachets, jars and chocolate (!)

- Pantry: a very wide selection of herbs and powders like cacao, chaga and probiotics, but also nuts, their almond butter and even their own cookbook

- Cosmic provisions: all sorts of crispy, activated, and fermented snacks

- Plant protein: a beautiful adaptogenic plant based protein blend in the taste of either vanilla mushroom, deep chocolate, or blue beauty.


Juice Press

This is probably the most well known juice bar in the whole of the United States, with more than 70 stores all around the country, first founded in 2010. It is 100% USDA organic too!


- Cold Pressed Juices and specialty drinks like coffee, tea, infused water

- Smoothies including an acai bowl, to grab and go or made to order

- Cleanses

- Homemade foods like breakfasts, jars, salads and soups

- FUN chocolates, desserts, snacks and specialties like their own almond butter, sauces, coconut oil, maple syrup, bars and even a rose mist.

Juice Generation

Operating in New York since 1999, they are one of the firsts to introduce a menu like this to the world of nutrition. True to the pace of a city like New York, they keep innovating their products with different tastes, ingredients, and nutritional value. As part of their 1% for the Planet program, they donate a part of every single sale to a good cause, which make them into an even more nurturing organization.


- In store: freshly pressed juices, cold pressed juices, bowls, a ‘farmacy’ section with lattes and shots, a ‘fast food’ section with meals to go, a bakery section, and plant proteins

- Home delivery smoothies: Blend it yourself option (you’re the boss)

- Home delivery cleanes: Cooler Cleanse (a detox to your door)




Wild & The Moon

Through food, we align with the rhythm of nature. This is slow food set to an urban beat.” A beautiful and very relatable manifesto. They always leave the nutritional power of their 100% organic foods intact and that is exactly how we like it.


- Drinks: jus pressés à froid, boissons végétales, boissons chaudes, boissons froides and vitality shots, and, we are in Paris after all, a selection of organic wines.

- Food: Super bowls, healthy snacks, and three different 'plats du jour' - every day a different kind of warm plate, a focaccia, and a soup



Both founders found their love for cold pressed juices while living in New York and Los Angeles, as you do. Their vision is “to build places, both physical and digital, that people can come discover, learn and engage with their health”. That mindset and dedication shows up in their menu and their blogs!


- Drinks: a selection of cold pressed juices, nut milks, and lemonades like blue spirulina or charcoal

- Pantry: a wide variety of snacks, soups, supplements and a vegan prea-protein

- Cleanses: three levels of juice cleanses and two levels of soup cleanses


The Good Life Eatery

We love the look and feel of this restaurant. A very fun, accessible to all ambiance, with the mission of making people eat ‘better, healthier and happier’. They focus on locally, ethically sourced ingredients too.

Check out their drinks menu here, and their food here.




Kauai Juice Co on Kauaia

Ohana means family. Their ethos is to bring a community together for health and support, and to create meaningful relationships for those around them. They sell their own merch and Hawaiian Hot Sauce too.


- Drinks: cold pressed juices and and hand pressed nut milks, elixirs and kombucha, and an 'express yourself' section with all sorts of blends of cold brew, espresso or tea mixed with intelligently put together nut milks and superfood. We love the Black Pearl (cacao, cold brew coffee, coconut meat, reishi spores, pearl powder, coconut nectar, Tahitian vanilla and Himalayan salt).

- Food: grab and go meals and snacks, like roasted pumpkin seeds with a tamari reduction, dusted with KJC pepper powder, or cashews tossed in Kauai honey and fermented chocolate habanero. Yum!


BeetBox RX at The Mojo Market

Serving ‘prescription juices, beauty elixirs, high-vibe smoothies and nourishing whole foods’, they have a very special feel to them. Founder Kira Lepine-Williams is a trained Cordon Bleu chef, and worked in Michelin star restaurants in London and for private clients all over the world. “Over time my interest grew towards healthy food and its medicinal-like abilities, which lead me to further my studies in New York at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and that has led me to where I am today.” Inspiration and nutrition served with a spark.

Their menu remains to be discovered in their store, but their Instagram allows you to have a sneak peak (hello crystal bowls).




Teresa's Juicery 

Teresa and her team have been innovating Spain's health and nutrition game for a very respectable 35 years, and it shows. Teresa's initial aim was to take the traditional Spanish recipes her grandparents had taught her and make them healthier and more sustainable, without losing any deliciousness. She's not stopping there. With a team of more than 125 professionals and a growing amount of locations they keep coming out with ideas that make them into the national pioneers they are today. 

Check out their drinks menu here.

And their restaurant Flax & Kale (impressive) menu here