in GO | 07 Jun 2017

Off the beaten track summer getaways. Cheap, tasty cuisine and sunshine guaranteed



Summer wouldn’t be the same without a getaway with sunshine guaranteed. We love the Netherlands, but we also love soaring temperatures, swimming in the Mediterranean and getting that sun kissed glow.

Haven’t booked a holiday yet? Or considering another quick weekend getaway? Here’s some of our top picks of slightly unusual locations. Less tourists, more beach space, and they won’t blow the bank. Dreamy!


If you fell for Croatia, Montenegro could be the love of your life. Back in the day they were actually one, so it’s no real surprise Montenegro boasts a similar coastline and cuisine. Funnily enough, modern day Montenegro was actually considered to have better beaches by the Yugoslaves. It's like stepping back in time to Croatia before it was the tourist hot spot. Montenegro boasts cheap prices, locals unhaunted by tourists, and ample beach space for everyone. The north hosts stunning mountain ranges, fjords and crystal clear lakes against pinetrees. Or head south for more of an Albanian feel and lake towns dreams were made of.


The smallest of the Baltic trio, Lithuania is surprisingly urban and cool. Vilnius proves a great city getaway option: it's cheap, has great cafes, cool spaces and is pretty as a picture. Fancy a dip in the Northern sea? Head up to stunning Nida. Hire a bike and cycle through quaint villages. Then wander through pine forests before skimming your toes against perfect powdery white sand. The sea is a bit brisk, but it's well worth it for an untouristy spot oozing charm and culture.


Malta boasts water so turquoise it doesn’t look real. More than just stunning beaches, this compact island has a bit of everything. Charming villages, temples, fossils in cliffs, underwater caves and a rich history from the Greek, Italian, Spanish and Middle Eastern influences. This ethnic combo makes for tongue tantalising cuisine, and prices are still reasonable making it one of the ultimate Euro island getaways.


No doubt going to be the next big thing, the Albania riviera is on the rise. Get in quick, while it's still untouched before it blows up and packs with hoards of tourists and steeper prices. Rugged mountains are fringed with idyllic coastlines, and you'll also be enchanted by the call to prayer as you meander in the sun. The south is the prettiest, also be sure to pop in the Blue Eye a mesmerising natural spring so blue people say it's hypnotic. Adventure seekers can dive on in. Charming Berat named the city of 1000 windows is also worth a squiz, tag it onto the end of your beach hopping.


Into lakes? Check out tiny Slovenia. Lake Bled is the most famous, you can swim out to the picturesque castle in the middle, or simply enjoy the famous cream cake on its shores. Or for somewhere a little more remote and untouched head to the emerald green lake Bohinj. Slovenia's capital Ljubljana is sure to charm with its beautiful buildings, and great al fresco dining. Be sure to try the orange wine!