in EAT | 17 Nov 2016

Our present to you this season. NEW limited edition raw treats in store now

The festive season is upon us, so we've decided to spice up your winter with some new raw treats sure to thrill.

The much loved Sinterklaas will soon be gracing us with his presence and with him comes pepernoten and other sweets. Catch 22 is they are full of sugar which causes blood sugar spikes, mood swings and weight gain.

So as our present to you we've created the gluten, dairy and refined sugar free versions you're bound to love. They are not only raw and delicious, but they have actual health benefits. So.. What's new?


Creamy with no cream. Sweet with no sugar. Nice with no naughties. Raw pepernoten, banana, coconut, chia seeds, maca root, spice & all things nice.

Activated almonds provide brain power, increase your memory, and balance the central nervous system.

Maca powder is a potent aphrodisiac, which boosts libido and sexual function (read why your should be having more sex this winter here)

Chia seeds (the staple of the Aztecs and Mayans) is one of the world's most nutritious food despite its tiny size. Packed with protein, they also keep those blood sugars levels in check. 

Or wanting something you can munch on? Try our slices.



Sinterklaas meets raw vegan. They have a love child, this is it.

Naturally flavoured with a mix of spices which boost metabolism and are antioxidant powerhouses. Sea salt has 60 trace minerals which are essential for thyroid and adrenal function.



This is kinda like the Sinner smoothie in a slice, with himalaya salt and crunch you can really bite into.

You're going to want to eat that pecan, it is the most antioxidant rich nut. And peanuts are great for energy production. 


These scrumptious slices taste as good as they look. They are perfect to take along to your festive function, or don't share them at all. You probably won't want to.