in | 19 Oct 2017

New Beginnings in Fall


Most of us are quite attached to their favorite season of the year. In the Netherlands, we are lucky enough for them to differentiate quite a bit. You might be one of the many that lives towards the warmth and the light of the summer. Nothing like jumping on your bike, cruising through the city, breathing in the sun. Picnics in the park, being out late without a coat. Seriously, why would there be any other season?


But perhaps you don’t like the heated craze and sand between your toes. You prefer a hot chocolate and a book next to the fire. Putting on some calm music. Having a warm bath. Family meals and celebrations with friends. Cool and cozy winters might be more your thing.


Then there is spring. This usually is seen as the season of new beginnings. That’s the idea we are brought up with, and it’s nice. Blooming flowers and blossoming trees, birds that start singing again, baby animals are born. There is physical proof of the newness all around us. The air is crisp and full of hope.


And now we are here. The season of falling leaves. Orange, yellow, red. Long walks through the forest. Pumpkins. Turning candles on, carefully closing the windows and turning up the heating. Grounding down. Slowing down.


When we notice growth in nature during spring, we might think of ways we want to grow ourselves. So during fall, when we see trees let go of their leaves, maybe we can start thinking of what we ourselves would like to let go of. Thoughts or feelings that no longer serve us. Ideas or goals that aren’t manifesting into the right direction. It’s that first step of clearing space. This is your chance to prioritize. Transforming the expansive energy of the summer into more introverted energy of the winter.


The seasons inevitably change our state of mind, but they don’t control us. You don’t need sun to feel happy, you don't need winter to feel 'gezellig', you don't need spring for a new beginning. Every day we are born again, every minute is a new beginning. Whatever the season, every moment is an opportunity for you to throw your life around. Look at us. The Juicery was founded exactly three years ago, also in fall. How’s that for of a new beginning. So this season when you step inside one of our stores to have a warming cup of soup or a (new!) latte, let’s celebrate our birthday, and let's celebrate new beginnings. Let us flow with the seasons, and not against them.